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Anna University Chennai 2007 B.B.A , - English - Question Paper

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ans part - A and part - B.
in Separate ans Books.
( 2nd YEAR )
( PART - II )
( PAPER - II )
( Common with B.A. Business Economics )
( Including Lateral Entry )
May ] [ Time : three Hours
Maximum : 100 Marks
part - A (50)
( English Composition )
I. Write essays on any 2 of the subsequent
in about 2 pages every : (2 × 15 = 30)
(a) Is Thomas Hardy a pessimist ?
explain with reference to the
prescribed novel.
(b) explain the rivalry ranging from Henchard
and Farfrae.
(c) Write an essay on the theme of
.Great Expectations..
(d) Justify the title .Great Expectations..
II. Write a precis of the subsequent passage
reducing it to 1 3rd of its length :
It has always been clear, of course that
a properly designed media programme uses
press, posters, printed leaflets and so on in
proportions suitable to the nature of the
product itself. In such a programme, television
occupies a relatively important place if the
product is sold in small quantities, at a low
price to the vast mass of the people. It is
regarded as a quick acting medium, peculiarly
suited to prompting .impulse purchases..
Larger items, such as cars and
refrigerators, may be more profitably advertised
in the press or other media which are
examined in greater detail and more at leisure
than television .commercials. can possibly be.
Nevertheless, in most mass advertising
campaigns, the media are used in combination
with every other, in proportions which tend to
be more and more carefully, and even
scientifically determined.
It is significant, in this connection, that
the poster medium and outdoor advertising
generally, are now staging something of a
recovery, after sustaining what at 1st looked
like being a severe blow at the time of the
introduction of commercial television into the
United Kingdom in 1955.
Media planning is only 1 of the
branches of the British advertising business,
where more exact methods of measurement
and the close study of statistical data have
made considerable headway in latest years.
The marketing and research departments of
the advertisers themselves, and of the agents
who act as middlemen ranging from advertisers
and media owners in the case of more than
60 percent of British advertising business, are
constantly expanding. These departments have
for sometime included a number of University
graduates. Usually with particular qualification
in statistics and the movement of University
trained men into advertising, the business is
growing, as is the study of advertising issues
in the universities themselves, particularly in
the departments of economics, psychology and

part - B (50)
ans any 3 ques..
All ques. carry equal marks.
1. discuss the various kinds of business letters
with examples.
2. Draft a letter to suppliers seeking quotations
to buy computers for your branch offices.
3. Write a circular letter to your distributors
informing them about the conduct of new
advertising campaign to be released through
newsprints and regional television channels.
4. Draft the Minutes of the Director.s meeting
recently held in your company.
5. explain the relevance of Governmental planning
to industries.

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