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Anna University Chennai 2007 B.A Political Science PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY - Question Paper

Saturday, 23 February 2013 03:30Web

7th semester

(regulation 2004)
Time : 3 hours max marks: 100

ans ALL ques.
PART - A --- ( 10*2=20 marks)

1). define the structure of nucleosome and its necessity in a eukaryotic cell.

2). provide the improper genome size of 2 plant species and the difference observed across plant species.

3). Mention 2 stricking features of chloroplast genome of flowering plants.

4). What is the role of mitochondrial genome in flower development.

5). What is leghemoglobin?

6). provide examples for free residing and symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria.

7). What is crown gall compare this with hairy root disease.

8). What is a disarmed plasmid?

9). Differentiate organogenesis and embryogenesis methods of Tissue culture plant regeneration.

10). What is plasmid transformation? How it is accomplished?

PART - B -- (5 * 16 =80 marks)

11. (a). what are on regulation of plants genes expression and different classes of transcription factors.


(b). Write the need for crop plant genome sequencing and syngenyj and colinearity analysis and its application.

12). (a). Write an essay on chloroplast genetics and the extent of plasmid autonomy,

(b). elaborate C3 and C4 plants? How is photosynthesis manipulated for increased yield?

13). (a). elaborate the genetics determinants of nodule formation? List them and provide their function. provide a schematic of the molecular interaction of Rhizobium and the legume plant.


(b). discuss the process of nitrogen fixation, the genes involved and the genetic Engineering of Nitrogenease gene cluster.

14). (a). Why the Natural Ri plasmid or Ti plasmid cannot be used as such? Enumerate the changes needed and draw the map of a commercial Ti plasmid vector.


(b). provide the classification of plant viruses, and details of a viral vector developed for plant transformation and the drawbacks associated with it.

15). (a). How is pest resistance accomplished by transgenis. explain the controversy over GM Weevil proof pea and star link corn


(b). provide the strategies for medically related proteins, antibodies, and vaccines expression in plants transgenically with suitable examples for every 1 of them.


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