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Anna University Chennai 2007 B.A Economics - Question Paper

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PRINCIPLES OF COMMERCE Time : 3 hours    Maximum marks ; 75

SECTION A (3 x 5 = 15 marks)

Answer any THREE questions.

1.    Explain the different forms of Business Organisation.

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2.    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Partnership.

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3.    What is a cheque? What are its characteristics? &rr(EffrrsBGD ermpn) crsuaa?    ujitqocu?

4.    What are the merits and demerits of installment purchase scheme?

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Answer any FOUR questions.

5.    Explain the functions of Commercial Banks, euaisfl ajr&jUsrfli UGrcflffierr upl efilattfl.

6.    What are the functions of Industrial Finance Corporation?

uswflffiT iLirraooj?

7.    Explain the different sources of finance to Industries.

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8.    Examine the importance of Transport in Commerce.

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9.    Explain the procedures to be followed in exporting goods to foreign country.

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10.    Discuss the importance and scope of commerce

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11.    Explain the advantages and disadvantages of mechanisation.

Jiuis$[rtUJLHFr<5(95e6l6ifT (BeifraniD, enmanerT sfilcuifl.

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