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Berhampur University 2009 B.A INDIAN ECONOMY-2 - Question Paper

Friday, 18 January 2013 08:35Web

Time: three hour
Full Marks: 100
The ques. are of equal value.
ans all ques..

1. (a) What do you know about the patterns in agricultural production in India?
(b)Explain the impact of green revolution in the Indian Economy. Examine
The achievements and weakness of this strategy.

2. (a) discuss the role of public sector in Indian Economy and point out the
Shortcomings in its performance.
(b) Write short notes on the following:
(i) Wage-structure in Indian Industries
(ii) Social security measures for the industrial labourer India

3. (a) discuss the significance of road transport in our country. What
Are its problems?
(b) elaborate the forms of foreign capital?
discuss the need for foreign capital in India and the government
Policy towards it.
4. (a) Analyse, the in brief, the structure of the financial system in India.
(b) Analyse the latest monetary Policy of the Reserve Bank of India.
5. (a) elaborate the causes of environmental degradation in India ?
explain the steps taken by the government in our country.
(b) Write a note on the quality of human resources in India.

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