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Berhampur University 2009 B.A INDIAN SOCETY - Question Paper

Friday, 18 January 2013 08:30Web

Time: three hours
Full Marks: 100
The ques. are of equal value.
ans 5 ques. at selecting at lowest 2 from every part.
Section- A

1. Write a brief note on the Caste System in India.
2. Explain Little Tradition and Great Tradition in the situation of Indian Culture.
3. Describes the impact of Western Culture on the Indian Society.
4. What is democraesation? define briefly about its significance in the Indian Society.
5. What is Globalisation? How it affect Indian Society?
Section- B
1. Describe briefly the roots of Indian Culture.
2. Describe the culture attainments during Gupta Period.
3. Trace the impact of Indians overseas trade and commerce on South-East Asia.
4. Raja Rammohan Roy played a significant role in the Socio-Religious Reform Movement in India. explain.
5. Describe the role played by Jawaharlal Nehru in the freedom struggle.
6. Write notes on the following;
(i)Khilafat Movement and Gandhi
(ii)Demand for Pakistan and Jinnah

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