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Berhampur University 2009 B.A Education - Question Paper

Friday, 18 January 2013 08:05Web

Time: three hours
Full Marks: 100
The figures in the right-hand margin indicate marks.
ans all ques..
1. What is the nature and scope of Education? discuss Education as a science.
explain Individual aim of Education. discuss the arguments in favour of it.
2. What is Philosophy and Education? State the relationship ranging from the 2 with suitable examples.

explain the aims, curriculum and role of Teacher according to idealism.
3. State the role of Education in the development of skill and basic knowledge among individual.
Write notes on any 2 of the following:
(a) Individual development
(b) Social cohesion
(c) Transmission of cultural heritage
4. What is social change? explain the factors that lead to Social change.
What do you mean by Social Stratification

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