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TNPSC - Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Sample Paper 2014 TNPSC VAO EXAM (14-06-2014) Answer Key Updates

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  • Who is the authority to the taken over the relinquishment of land? Answer: Tahsildar
  • Brahmadayam means Answer: The Inam given to Brahmins and other religious persons for their personal use
  • Which is the first state to introduce the Mass Contact Programme / Manu Neethi Thittam? Answer: Tamil Nadu
  • In village Accounts, Account Number 20 deals with which one of the following? Answer: Rainfall
  • Match List I with List II and choose the correct one. Answer: (a) Account No. 10(1) – Pattawise Chitta (b) Account No. 13 – Daily Collection Account (c) Account No. 19 – Birth and Death Account (d) Account No. 1 – Monthly Cultivation Account
  • A Fasli year commencing from and ending with? Answer: July to June
  • In Tamil Nadu, in which year Revenue Administration name is renamed as Revenue Administration and Disaster and Mitigation Department? Answer: 2003 (27.05.2003)
  • In general, the Trees, Buildings and Government poramboke lands are protected in the village by? Answer: Village Administrative Officer
  • The Descriptive Memoir of Revenue village is mentioned in ______ Registers. Answer: ‘A’ Register
  • As per the Tamil Nadu Land reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act, 1961, ceiling is fixed for a family consisting of 5 members is Answer: 15 Standard Acres
  • Which one of the following is objectionable Poramboke? Answer: Graveyard Poramboke
  • Which one of the following is/are correctly matched? Answer: Village Account No. 10(I) – Chitta showing the landholdings of each ryot with the assigned patta number.
  • Which one the following is/are TRUE? Answer: I. Deserted women certificate shall be issued by Tahsildar. II. Inter-Caste marriage certificate shall be issued by Tahsildar.
  • The Maximum period for granting lease of land is (as per the RSO 24A) Answer: 3 years.
  • A village statistical register should be prepared once in Answer: 10 years
  • The annual average rainfall to Tamilnadu is Answer: 979 mm
  • Village account No 24 deals with Answer: Annual mines register
  • Among the irrigation sources, water available from 5 to 8 months comes under which one of the following category? Answer: Third class
  • One hectare is equal to Answer: 10,000 square metres
  • In which year Direct Recruitment to the Village Administrative Officer post was come under the purview of Tamilnadu Public Service Commission? Answer: 1980
  • How many acres is one Hectare? Answer: 2.47 acre
  • Who is the District Registrar of Birth and Death? Answer: District Social Welfare Officer
  • The Government of India enacted the Disaster Management Act in _______ year. Answer: 2005
  • Marriage Assistance to the male members provided by which scheme? Answer: Chief Minister Uzhavar Padhukappu Thittam
  • Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists: Answer: (a) Tamil Nadu Revenue Recovery Act – 1864 (b) Tamil Nadu Land Encroachment Act – 1905 (c) Registration of Birth and Death Act – 1969 (d) Tamil Nadu Birth and Death Registration – 2000
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