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CBSE Board Chemistry 10th 2013 Sample Paper

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Sample Paper – 2009

Class – X

Subject – Chemistry


1.      During summer season, a milkman usually adds a very small amount of baking soda to fresh milk. Give one reason.                                                                                                                                             1

2.      Write the product formed when Ferrous Sulphate is heated?                                                                       1

3.      Can a displacement reaction be a redox reaction? Explain with example.                                          1

4.      What happen when Crystal of washing soda are exposed to air?                                                                  1

5.      A student has been collecting silver coins and copper coins. One day she observed a black coating on silver coins and a green coating on copper coins. Which chemical phenomenon is responsible for these coatings? Write the chemical name of black and green coatings.                                                                                    2

6.      Two compounds ‘A’ and ‘B’ have the same molecular formula C4H8O2. Compound ‘A’ is an acid and compound ‘B’ has a fruity smell. Suggest (i) chemical formulae and (ii) the structural formulae of compounds A and B. Name the functional group of compound B. What name would you give to the relationship between the compounds A and B.                                                                               3

7.      (a).C2H6O is formula of second member of homologous series of alcohol. Give formula of fourth member. How we can prepare it?                                                                                                                          5

(b). The molecular formula of an organic compound is C3H6O. Write the formula and names of aldehydes and ketones which are represented by this formula.

(c). What are structural isomers? Give all structural isomers of C4H10.

8.                                                                                                                                                                      3

(a)    Why does carbon form largest number of compounds?                   

(b)   Why are some of these called saturated and other unsaturated compounds? Write the name and structure of two saturated and two unsaturated compounds.

(c)    Which of these two is more reactive and Why?









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Class X                                                                      Set - B                                               Subject : Science

Time : 1 hrs                                                   Date – 26.10.2008                                      Max. Marks : 17



1.                  Why does use of ordinary soap cause irritation to skin?                                                             1


2.                  What information is available from the following chemical equation:-                                           1


CaCO3 + 2HCl                             CaCl2 + H2O + CO2


3.                  What will happen if the solution Hydrogen Carbonate is heated? Give the equation of the reaction involved?                                                                                                                                           1


4.                  What is the Composition of Aqua regia?                                                                                                1


5.                  An element X on burring in air form an oxide XO2 which when dissolved in water turns blue litmus red. Identify if X is a metal or non – metal Justify your answer?                                                                2


6.                  A solution of a substance ‘X’ is used for testing CO2­. Identify ‘X’. What will be its reaction with Carbon dioxide? Write balanced chemical equation for the reaction.                                                         2


7.                  A metal X acquires a green colour coating on its surface an exposure to air                                2


1.      Identify the metal X and name the process responsible for this change


2.      Name the green coating formed on the metal?


8.                   The reaction metal X and Fe2 O3 is highly exothermic and is used to join railway                                   2

                                                               i.      Identify metal X and name the reaction

                                                             ii.      Write the chemical equation of its reaction with fe2 O3

9.      An organic Compound A is widely used as a preventative in pickles and has a molecular formula C2 H2 O2. This compound reacts with ethanol to form a sweet smelling Compound B                                              5

(a)    Identify the Compound A

(b)   Write the chemical equation with ethanol to from compound B

(c)    How can we get compound A back from B

(d)   Name the process and write equations?

(e)    Which gas is produced when compound A reacts with washing Soda? Write the chemical equations?

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