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CBSE Board Chemistry 10th 2013 Sample Paper

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(Section A)

1.      What are metalloids? Give any two examples.

2.      What is meant by the metals are sonorous.

3.      write the formulas of thr following

Potassium sulphate, slacked lime, quick lime.

4.      Define compounds elements.

5.      What are aqueous solutions?


(Section B)
1.      How will you differentiate b/w suspension and colloid?

2.      If 110 gm of salt is present in 550 g of solution. Calculate the concentration of the solution.

3.      What is the heating and cooling effect on solubility?

4.      What do understand by condensation? Give any example.

5.      How will you separate camphour, common salt, and iron nails from their mixture.


(Section C)
1.      Define fractional distillation. Give an example.

2.      State whether colloid solutions are homogeneous or heterogeneous.

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