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AP - Andhra Pradesh Board History and Civics 12th 2014 Sample Paper

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1. Explain the basic features of the Indian Constitution.
2. Explain the directive principles of state policy has provided in the Indian
3. Explain the powers of the President of India.
4. Explain the structure, powers and functions of Lok Sabha.
5. Explain the role of the district collector in district administration.

6. Briefly mention the main provisions of 1935 act.
7. Mention the fundamental duties as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
8. Describe the composition of the Supreme Court of India.
9. Explain any three powers of the High Court of a state.
10. Bring out any five differences between a State and Union territory.
11. Mention the recommendations of Sarkaria Commission on Centre – State
12. What are the reasons for the growth of regional parties in India?
13. Mention any five of the Electoral Reforms.
14. Mention the structure and functions of Union Public Service Commission.
15. Explain U.P.S.C functions.
16. Briefly explain the internal determinants of Foreign Policy.
17. Mention the powers of the Security Council.

18. Chauri – Chaura incident.
19. Drafting committee of the Constitution.
20. Mention any four sources of the Indian Constitution.
21. Secular State.
22. Newly incorporated directive principles of State Policy.
23. Mention two functions of Vice – President of India.
24. Pardon.
25. Mention any two differences between Ordinary and Financial Bills. 26. Judicial Review.
27. What are the qualifications prescribed for the appointment of the Governor?
28. Concurrent List.
29. Mention any four Union territories in India.
30. Grama Sabha.
31. Give two examples of All India Parties.
32. Bahujan Samaj Party.
33. Chief Election Commissioner.
34. Mention any four characteristics of Public Services.
35. SAARC.
36. Mention the principles of Panchasheel.
37. Aims of U.N.O.
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