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Infogain Interview Placement Paper Apr 2012 Delhi

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1. Complexity nlogn
a.quick sort          b. bubble sort   sort
2. About Protocols
3. About SSL
4. About MBR
5. Cross compiler
6. Synonymus to main memory
7. Semaphores
8. Database quesns Stored procedures and Trigger strategy
9.Bandwidth measured in ?
10.Term assoc with Context Transaction
11.extending the class means many values does char of java has
13.Java pgm can be executed on any m/c how?
14.utility used for dynamically changing the tables
a.vector           b. hash table             c. enumeration           d. structures
15.synchronise means
16.if X & Y r objects X = Y means
17.which action Java platform restricts on applets
a. Image viewing         b. Accept user i/p          c. write to system files           d. initialise date in browser
18.quesns on JDBC
19.Two quesns on simple java pgms.
20. Grabage collection
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