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Soliton Aptitude - Numerical Placement Paper Mar 2012

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1.A rectangle is of length 8 inches, breath 11 inches and thickness 2 inches. When it is shaped to a cylindrical rod with the diameter is 10m. What is the height of the cylinder?

2.Consider two identical pack of cards A and B. When one card from A is taken and shuffled with the card B, the first top card of A is the Queen of hearts. What will be the probability that the top card of B to be King of hearts?

3.Consider a cube such that the product of the three faces of the cube forms the vertex.. The sum of all vertex is 1001. Then what will be the sum of numbers in all the faces of the cube.

4.A rocket launched accelerates at 3.5m/s^2 in 5.90 secs and2.98m/s^2 in the next 5.98 secs and then experiences a free fall. What time will the rocket be in air? 
Assume that the rocket is launched from the ground.

5.From the origin of an electric dipole, the charge is 25(micro coulomb) and after a distance of 62cm, the charge is -16(micro coulomb). At what point from the origin the value of electric dipole will be zero.

6.The angle of elevation to the tower is 30(degree) and then moved towards the tower of a distance 20m. Now the angle of elevation is 60(degree). What is the height of the tower?
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