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Computer Associates General Aptitude Placement Paper 11 Jan 2011 University of Hyderabad (HCU)

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Hi Friends,

  Computer associates test pattern:   I'm writting the trend only:

Paper 1:   There are 65 questions:   1. 35 ques. from reasoning, verbal in which reasoning contaions ques. on figure, number series, odd man out from figure, one ques. on calendar, five ques. on anagram ques. from english.   2. five ques. on iq test.   3. 10 ques. on reasoning.   4. 15 ques. on C language just basic (no need to learn for C language believe me and learn only for reasoning)

Technical test (20 questions):   You have choices from C++ and Java and select any 1 of this. It also contains basics. You don't need to learn for this also. Basic input /output ques. (20 questions) 

If you are really despirit to go for ca so prepare well the reasoning part and don't learn for the C and C++ ques. prepare well for written and interview.

Interview is of five to six round.

Interview questons:

1. Reverse the linklist.
2. Write code of binary search tree.
3. If a string of palindrome is provide then write the code/logic of finding the longest palindrome.
4. How you inherit the .exe file through inheritance. (oops concept)
5. How you sort the text in alphabetical order. (see denis ritchie fifth chapter) prepare well your this part and be confident in interview.   All the best!
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