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TN - Tamil Nadu Board English 10th 2011 Old Paper

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Language — Part B — ENGLISH — Paper II
Time Allowed : 21 Hours ]    I Maximum Marks : 100

N. B. : i) Answer all the questions in the answer-book given separately.

ii)    Read and understand each question carefully before answering them.

iii)    Write down the question numbers correctly on the margin and write your answers against them.

SECTION - A ( Reading )

I. a) i) Choose the best responses to complete the following statements :


1.    Thanks to Shri Kamaraj known as the .................;.... Indira

became the Prime Minister of India.

a) God man    b) President

c) Magic man    d) Kingmaker.

2.    It was very difficult for Anne to teach Helen Keller....................

a) games    b) good habits

c) neatness    d) table manners.

3.    Sarojini Naidu was only ........................ when she passed the

Matriculation Examination.

a) fifteen    b) twenty

c) twelve    d) nineteen.

4.    General Aung San was...............................

a) murdered    b) killed

c) assassinated    d) kidnapped.

5.    Child marriage was the society.

a) bane    b) blessing

c) vice    d) boon.

11) State whether the following sentences are true or false :    5x1=5

6.    India tested her first Atom Bomb in Pokhran in 1974.

7.    Dr. Muthulakshmi was a pioneering social reformer.

8.    Helen lost her sight and hearing.

9.    Suu Kyi’s mother was made the country’s ambassador to India.

10.    Joan of arc was killed by herself.

Read the given passage and list out the linkers used therein :    5x1=5

While the imposter was returning home, the counterfeit gang mistook him to be the real Sambu and gave him a suitcase full of money and reminded him to distribute them. The imposter decided to keep the money for himself. So he left the money at home and rushed away.

SECTION - B (Writing )

Make notes of the following passage :    5

Gandhiji is known for his successful efforts to liberate India. Actually for him, the development of an Indian into a free man was more important than the freedom of India. Most of Gandhi’s followers in India were not Gandhians and did not share his ideals, they merely — accepted his leadership because it smoothed the way to their objective which was, an Indian Nation without the British but with all the usual attributes of nationhood. Two bleeding children torn violently from the body of Mother India. He did not celebrate on August 15, 1947 the day the Indian Nation came into his own world. He was sad and refused congratulations.

Rewrite the statements in meaningful cogent order :

1.    Then he went to his house.

8x1 = 3

2.    He bought some birds in a cage.

3.    Once a prisoner was set free.

4.    He set them all free.

5.    He went to the market.

6.    He took the cage to an open space.

Develop the hints into a readable passage. Give it a suitable title :    5

A fine day in summer — the school closed — some boys go for an outing to a canal — begin to play — one slips and falls into the water — boys helpless — none knows how to swim — a villager passes by — boys request him — brings the boy out — parents of boy glad and grateful — tell the boys to learn swimming.

Write any one of the following letters :    1x8 = 8

1.    Write a letter to your uncle thanking him to his birthday present.

2.    Write a letter to a sports company ordering some sports goods.

3.    Write a letter to the headmaster requesting him to issue testimonials.

(Important : Write XXX for your name and YYY for your address )

Complete the dialogue :    4

( The dialogue is between a Policeman and a Tourist)

Policeman : ......................................................... ?

Tourist    : I want to go to the Big Temple.

Policeman : Yes, this road leads to the Temple.



It is about a kilometre from here.



No, you can't get any taxi here.



O.K. No problem. I can walk to the temple.

f)    Write a precis of the following passage :    5

The computer may be called as a mechanical brain because it has the memory power like a human brain. But it is just an electronic device made of electrical wires and circuits. The speed and accuracy in operation are the key factors of a computer. The computer operator will commit mistakes but his computer will not. This is the age of computers. Presently computers are used in any field, where data are compiled and stored. Now learning and teaching of lessons have became easy for computers. Computers are very much useful in numerous other fields. Now-a-days banking and business operations are computerised. In industries, computers operate the machines. In railway stations and airlines, the booking of tickets are done with their help. They are useful in space travel, weather study, communication satellites etc. Personal computers are available for our daily domestic needs and entertainment.

g)    Punctuate the following sentence *    3 kala said to me i write a letter

SECTION - C ( Grammar )

III. a) Fill in the blanks in the given passage with suitable articles :    4x^ = 2

India is...............................ancient country. It is called ...........................

subcontinent........................................ people of this country have cultural heritage.

b) Fill in the blanks choosing the right phrase prepositions from the list given below :    3x1=3

( on behalf of, in favour of, on the top of, in fear of)

1.    A monkey is always sitting....................the tree.

2.    The class leader talked...............................their classmates.

3.    The rich man gave his property...............................the poor.

Rewrite the following sentences, by filling in the blanks with correct tense forms of the verbs given in the brackets :    4x1=4

I ............................... ( attend ) a meeting yesterday. It

............................... ( be ) about eye donation. Many ...............................

( come ) forward. They donate their eyes. The meeting ............................

( end ) successfully.

Match the clauses in Column A with those in Column B :    3x1=3

Column A    Column B

1.    If he had walked fast    i) I would help the poor

2.    If you drive quickly    ii) He would have got the bus

3.    If I were a collector    iii) You will reach in time

iv) You would have reached earlier.

Italicized words are the answers. Frame questions for them using the clues given in the brackets :    2x1=2

1.    He was born in Mumbai ( where )

2.    Hari read the book yesterday ( when )

Combine the following sentences using relative pronouns :    4x1=4

1.    Kumar is very happy. He has won the first prize.

2.    My sister lives in New York. Her friend is a doctor.

3.    This is a bag. I bought it from Delhi.

4.    This is my house. I was born here.

Identify the pattern of the following sentences :    2x1=2

1.    We elected him class leader.

2.    He painted the picture beautifully.


Write sentences for the following sentence patterns :

1.    S + V + C

2.    S + V + IO + DO.

Read the following dialogue and fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary verbs :    6x^ = 3

( The dialogue is between two friends Priya and Saranya )



you come to my house tomorrow ?

Saranya : Oh yes, I ........................ come. Then

you guide

me to solve this problem ?

I.............not. But my you.


Saranya :' In that case after finishing our homework we play. Okay ?



Fill in the blanks by choosing the right phrasal words given below :


( took part in, come back, get into trouble, go around, set up, run back )

6 x — = 3 2

1. He

in disgust.

2. We......................the campus.

3. He

the competition.

4. He

a good practice.

5. He


6. He

by his loose talk.

Rewrite any eight of the following sentences as directed:    8x2= 16

1.    “Can I get a cup of tea ?" he said.    ( Into Indirect speech )

2.    She said that she would give me her book.    ( Into Direct speech )

3.    He was painting the door.    ( Into Passive voice )

4.    His education is sponsored by a generous man. ( Into Active voice )

5.    Abdul is one of the fastest runners in the school. ( Into Positive degree )

6.    A bear is not so ferocious as a lion.    ( Into Comparative degree )

7.    Gandhiji was more famous than any other leader in India.

( Into Superlative degree )

8.    Although she is weak, she attends her office.

( Into a Simple sentence )

9.    The table is too heavy to lift.    ( Into a Complex sentence )

10.    On account of his being honest, he got the job easily.

( Into a Compound sentence )

SECTION - D (Translation )

Translate the following proverbs into your first language :    5x1=5

1.    Every bird must hatch its own eggs.

2.    Prevention is better than cure.

3.    Work is worship.

4.    A stitch in time saves nine.

5.    Charity begins at home.

b) Translate the following passage into your first language :    5

Your greatness is measured by your kindness. Your education and intellect by your modesty. Your real ability is measured by the consideration and tolerance you have for others.


( For Deaf Candidates Only )

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below :

5x2= 10

More than five hundred years ago, there lived in a little village in France a girl, Joan by name. Her father was a farmer. Joan did not go to any school. She did not learn to read and write. She spent her time in sewing and spinning. She was a quiet little girl of sweet and simple manners. As Joan grew older she became more thoughtful. Often she would go alone to the village church. She would sit in a corner there and say her prayers.

Questions :

1.    What was the name of the girl ?

2.    What was her father ?

3.    How did she spend her time ?

4.    Choose the right word from the words given in brackets :

Joan was an...................girl. ( educated/uneducated ).

5.    Rewrite the answer completing it with the opposite of the italicized word.

As Joan grew older she became more thoughtful.

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