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Syntel Other Placement Paper 2 Aug 2003 Not Specified

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Campus Interview of KANBAY at  KITS college Bhubaneswar 

  1. Which is greater (1000)pow1001 and 1001pow999

  2. One container contains milk and water in the ratio 3:7 and the other contains 8:11,in what ratio these 2 containers is to be mixed  so that the ratio of milk and water is 4:5

  3. There are 2 simple issues on time and work.

  4. Four points will be provided and you have to frame 2 st. line eq.s in such a way that their point of interesection lies in 1 of the 4 choices.

  5. There are 2 to 3 issues on profit and loss which are little bit time taking ,so i didn't attempt.

  6. A series of nos will be provided where the ans can be obtained by observing the diff bet 2 consecutive nos

            Logical Reasoning

  1. Air is cloud cloud is rain rain is water wateris sand so what is cloud? ans :sand

  2.  One quesion on relations

  3. Trafic: signal ans : river :dam

  4.  Two more quesions are there

  5. Dsoighkl now if lk-(?)-sd , obtain letter in fourth place

  6. a few mammals are donkeys allbuffalos will have horns based on this three quesions r ther

  7. Four persons are there wearing various coloured shirts eg. A,B,C,D wearing blue ,green, red, yellow.Now, 
    1. A cannot wear yellow.
    2. B can wear blue or green.
    3. C /D is wearing yellow. You have to obtain who is wearing which coloured shirt.

  8. obtain the root of 4a2+b2+c2+4ab-2bc-4ac Ans: 2a+b-c.Two pipes can fill a tank in five hrs and eight hrs. while a hole can empty it in 40 hrs. What will be the time taken to fill if every operate at a time. Soln: 1\x == 1\5 + 1\8 - 1\40

  9. A can beat B by 20 mts. While C can beat B by 40 mts. In a race of  100  mts. By how much can C beat A? Soln: 75 mts.

  10. If u begin your journey 30 minutes late , u have to increase your speed by250kms\hr. to cover up 1500 kms. In identical time. What is your usual speed? Ans: 750kms\hr.

  11. For a circle, radius is inc. by a few % , obtain net changein area? mathematical qus / aptitudes.

  12. A sum of money doubles in five years by simple interest. how much time it will take for 300 to become 2400.a>40 years b>25 years c>35 years d> 20 years.

  13. If length of a rectangle is made four less and breadth is increased by three then the resulting square ?s area is equal to the rectangle. What is the perimeter of the rectangle .( choices were given)

  14. What will be the no. at ? position below 
    51 11 61
    64 30 32
    35 ? 43

  15. The L.C.M. and H.C.F. of 2 nos. are 84 and 21 and the nos. are in the ratio of 1:4 ,. obtain the nos.ans: 21, 84

  16. obtain the quantity of the hemisphere having radius 2m .

  17. issue based on compound interest were asked . so see the formula of compound interest.

  18. A train goes from a to b. if it travels with 50 km/s then it is late by 10 mins. When it travels with30km/s then it bis late by
    50 mins. Fi nd the distance ranging from a and b.

  19. A river is eight m deep and 150 m wide.river?s speed is five km/s. obtain the quantity of water passed in 1 min.(1 m cube =1000 c.c.)

  20. Fin dthe formula of the st. line passing thru the intersection of the 2 lines and 2 other lines.(equ. Were given)

  21. A man sells 20 mangoes + 15 oranges ath the identical price as 15 mangoes+20 oranges. Ho would judge which is costlier .
    ( 4 choices were provided . I didn?t remember those)

  22. A graph was provided representing joint venture in the years. An dquestion related to the graph were asked such as
    A)in which year there was max. change.(ans. Was in the last year)

  23. A is counting the no from one to 32 and b from 32 .A is counting the odd no. only .both?s speed is identical.
    What will be the number which will be pronounced by A & B together. ( ans . aws none of these )but confirm yourself .

  24. In the word ?DISTURBANCE? first is changed by last second is replced by tenth , third is by ninth and so on. Which will be the next to ?T?.

  25. provided if x/y==3/5. if one is added to num . and one is subtracted from denominator then ratio ==5/7. obtain the number

  26. There are five black and nine white balls .if 1 ball is drawn then obtain the probability of being white.

  27. Avg. age of five children =.a child of five year age dies.after four years what will be the avg. age.

  28. Three nos. are provided the product of 1st and last is equal to the square of the middle. obtain the nos.(options were given)
    (ans.== 10, 20, 40) 

  29. A rectangle was having length 100 m breadth 60 m. there is a road of 5m wide on every side of therectangle . obtain the area of the road.

  30.  Fir no. is the double of second and ½ of the third .other statement was also provided which I don?t rememeber.(ans=H,24,96)

  31. A girl cuts a cake in 2 halevs. 1 half is again cut into 6 equal parts . wt. Of the smaller 1 was 20 gms. Fin the wt. Of the whole cake.(ans=240gms.)

  32. A person 1st goes upstream then down stream .river?s speed was provided .also the diff. Of time was provided . obtain the speed of the man.

  33. Ravana speed is 5000 km/s when going towards the heaven. The distance == 75000. ravana has traveled two mins.When god?s messenger reaches the earth . Rama told him to go back. The speed of the god?s messenger =`00 km/s. By how much he will increase or reduce his speed so that he and Ravana reaches exactly at the identical time.

  34. A man sells a product by giving 10% reduction on it .in spite of this he gets 10% profit . on a product of 330 rs. Original price What will be the buying price.

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