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Syntel Other Placement Paper 31 Jan 2004 Not Specified

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Interview and the HR Questions 

  1. Which kind of movies do you like?

  2. Tell me about your educational background?

  3. How can I reach your Residence, because I don't the place where you are residing at chennai?

  4. What is your ambition?

  5. Then he asked a few ques. from Microprocessors?

  6. What is a JMP command, MOV command?

  7. How many registers are there in 8086?

  8. What is a Accumulator?

  9. What is the speciality of Accumulator?

  10. What is JC and JNC?

  11. What is AD Convertor (Analog-to-Digital) and How it works?

  12. What is lower-level programming and Higher-level programming?

  13. Why Microprocessor is called as Lower-level programming?

  14. elaborate all the advantages of using Higher-level programming?

  15. Is Microprocessors 8086 32-bi t or 16-bit?

  16. Today's Economic Times contains how many pages?( Since I mentioned Economic Times in the form given by SYNTEL at the Interview)

  17. What is the color of Economic Times?

  18.  In what level do you represented in "Badminton"? (Since I mentioned Badminton at the Sports / games column in the form)

  19.  Is there any ques. for you to ask, 

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