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TechMahindra Other Placement Paper 18 Nov 2005 Not Specified

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This part consists of 29 issues. The ques. are simple though time consuming.

1. If a boat is moving in upstream with velocity of 14 km/hr and goes downstream with a velocity of 40 km/hr, then what is the speed of the stream ?

(a) 13 km/hr
(b) 26 km/hr
(c) 34 km/hr
(d) none of these                                                                                                
Ans. A

2. obtain the value of ( 0.75 * 0.75 * 0.75 - 0.001 ) / ( 0.75 * 0.75 - 0.075 + 0.01)

(a) 0.845
(b) 1.908
(c) 2.312
(d) 0.001

Ans. A

3. A can have a piece of work done in eight days, B can work 3 times faster than the A, C can work 5 times faster than A. How many days will they take to do the work together ?

(a) three days
(b) 8/9 days
(c) four days
(d) can't say

Ans. B

4. A car travels a certain distance taking seven hrs in forward journey, during the return journey increased speed 12km/hr takes the times five hrs.What is the distance travelled

(a) 210 kms
(b) 30 kms
(c) 20 kms
(c) none of these

Ans. B

5. Instead of multiplying a number by 7, the number is divided by 7. What is the percentage of fault found ?

6. obtain (7x + 4y ) / (x-2y) if x/2y = 3/2 ?

(a) 6
(b) 8
(c) 7
(d) data insufficient

Ans. C

7. A man buys 12 lts of liquid which contains 20% of the liquid and the rest is water. He then mixes it with 10 lts of a different mixture with 30% of liquid.What is the % of water in the new mixture?

8. If a man buys one lt of milk for Rs.12 and mixes it with 20% water and sells it for Rs.15, then what is the percentage of gain?

9. Pipe A can fill a tank in 30 mins and Pipe B can fill it in 28 mins.If 3/4th of the tank is filled by Pipe B alone and both are opened, how much time is needed by both the pipes to fill the tank completely ?

10. If on an item a company provide 25% discount, they earn 25% profit. If they now provide 10% discount then what is the profit percentage.                                                                                             

(a) 40%
(b) 55%
(c) 35%
(d) 30%

Ans. D 

11. A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?

(a) 110 men
(b) 130 men
(c) 100 men
(d) none of these

Ans. A 

12. In simple interest what sum amounts of Rs.1120/- in four years and Rs.1200/- in five years ?

(a) Rs. 500
(b) Rs. 600
(c) Rs. 800                                                                                                                
(d) Rs. 900

Ans. C 

13. If a sum of money compound annually amounts of thrice itself in three years. In how many years
will it become nine times itself.

(a) 6
(b) 8
(c) 10
(d) 12

Ans A 

14. 2 trains move in the identical direction at 50 kmph and 32 kmph respectively. A man in the slower train
observes the 15 seconds elapse before the faster train completely passes by him.
What is the length of faster train ?

(a) 100m
(b) 75m
(c) 120m
(d) 50m

Ans B 

15. How many mashes are there in one squrare meter of wire gauge if every mesh
is 8mm long and 5mm wide ?

(a) 2500
(b) 25000                                                                                                             
(c) 250
(d) 250000

Ans B

16. x% of y is y% of ?

(a) x/y
(b) 2y
(c) x
(d) can't be determined

Ans. C

17. The price of sugar increases by 20%, by what % should a housewife decrease the consumption of sugar so that expenditure on sugar can be identical as before ?

(a) 15%
(b) 16.66%
(c) 12%
(d) 9%

Ans B 

18. A man spends half of his salary on household expenses, 1/4th for rent, 1/5th for travel expenses, the man deposits the rest in a bank. If his monthly deposits in the bank amount 50, what is his monthly salary ?

(a) Rs.500
(b) Rs.1500                                                                                                          
(c) Rs.1000
(d) Rs. 900

Ans C 

20. The population of a city increases @ 4% p.a. There is an additional annual increase of 4% of the population due to the influx of job seekers, obtain the % increase in population after two years ?

21. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3:2 Out of these 10% the boys and 25% of girls are scholarship holders. % of students who are not scholarship holders.?

22. 15 men take 21 days of eight hrs. every to do a piece of work. How many days of six hrs. every would it take for 21 women if three women do as much work as two men?

(a) 30
(b) 20
(c) 19
(d) 29

Ans. A

23. A cylinder is six cms in diameter and six cms in height. If spheres of the identical size are made from the material obtained, what is the diameter of every sphere?

(a) five cms
(b) two cms
(c) three cms                                                                                                                
(d) four cms

Ans C 

24. A rectangular plank (2)1/2 meters wide can be placed so that it is on either side of the diagonal of a square shown beneath.(Figure is not available)What is the area of the plank?

Ans :7*(2)1/2 

25. The difference b/w the compound interest payble half yearly and the simple interest on a
certain sum lent out at 10% p.a for one year is Rs 25. What is the sum?

(a) Rs. 15000
(b) Rs. 12000
(c) Rs. 10000
(d) none of these

Ans C 

26. What is the smallest number by which 2880 must be divided in order to make it into a
perfect square ?

(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) five
(d) six

Ans. C

27. A dad is 30 years older than his son however he will be only thrice as old as the son after five years
what is father's current age ?

(a) 40 yrs
(b) 30 yrs                                                                                                           
(c) 50 yrs
(d) none of these

Ans. A

28. An article sold at a profit of 20% if both the cost price and selling price would be Rs.20/- the profit would be 10% more. What is the cost price of that article?

29. If an item costs Rs.3 in '99 and Rs.203 in '00.What is the % increase in price?

(a) 200/3 %
(b) 200/6 %
(c) 100%
(d) none of these

Ans. A



Directions: For ques. 30-39 fill the missing number or letter in the provided series

30. a, c, e, g, _

(a) h
(b) i
(c) d                                                                                                          
(d) j

Ans. B

31. a, e, i, m, q, u, _, _

(a) y,c
(b) b,f
(c) g,i
(d) none

Ans. A 

32. ay , bz , cw , dx ,__

(a) gu
(b) ev
(c) fv
(d) eu

Ans. D

33. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, __

(a) 15
(b) 9
(c) 13                                                                                                                            
(d) 12

Ans. C (series of prime numbers)  

34. kp , lo , mn , __

(a) nm
(b) np
(c) op
(d) pq

Ans. A 

35. R,M,__,F,D,__

(a) I, C
(b) A, Q
(c) L, N
(d) B, Q

Ans. A 

36. ___, ayw, gec, mki, sqo

(a) awx
(b) usq
(c) prs
(d) lmn

Ans. B 

37. 1, 3, 4, 8, 15, 27, __

(a) 60
(b) 59
(c) 43
(d) 50

Ans D 

38. 0, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 17, 24, 26,__

(a) 45
(b) 55
(c) 35
(d) 48

Ans. C 

39. 2, 5, 9, 19, 37,__

(a) 64
(b) 55
(c) 75
(d) 40

Ans C 

Directions for ques. 40 to 45: choose the option that logically follows form the 2 provided statements.

40. All scientists are fools. All fools are literates.

(a)All literates are scientists
(b) All scientists are literates
(c) No scientists are literates
(d) Both (a) and (b) are accurate

Ans. B

41. No apple is an orange. All bananas are oranges.

(a) All apples are oranges
(b) a few apples are oranges
(c) No apple is a banana
(d) None of the above

Ans. A

42. All pens are elephants. a few elephants are cats.

(a) a few pens are cats
(b) No pens are cats
(c) All pens are cats
(d) None of the above

Ans. D

43. All shares are debentures.No debentures are deposits.

(a) All shares are deposits
(b) a few shares are deposits
(c) No shares are deposits
(d) None of the above

Ans. C 

44. Many fathers are brothers. All brothers are priests.

(a) No dad is a priest
(b) Many fathers are not priests
(c) Many fathers are priests
(d) Both (b) and (c)

Ans. B 

45. a few green are blue. No blue are white.

(a) No green are white
(b) a few green are white
(c) No green are white
(d) None of the above

Ans. B 

46. If the word "CODING" is represented as DPEJOH , then the word "CURFEW" can be represented?

(a) dvsgfx
(b) dvshfx
(c) dgshfx
(d) dtsgfy

Ans. A 

47. If in a certain code "RANGE" is coded as 12345 and "RANDOM" is coded as 123678, then the code for the word "MANGO" would be

(a) 82357
(b) 84563                                                                                                         
(c) 82346
(d) 82543

Ans. D 

Directions for ques. 48-50:The ques. are based on the subsequent data

In a class of 150 students 55 speak English;85 speak Telugu and 30 speak neither English nor Telugu

48. How many speak both English and Telugu?

(a) 10
(b) 15
(c) 20
(d) 12

Ans. C 

49.How many speak only Telugu?

(a) 55
(b) 45
(c) 65
(d) none of the above


50.How many speak at lowest 1 of the 2 languages?

(a) 120
(b) 100
(c) 250
(d) 50

Ans. A 

Refer R.S Agarwal books for more ques. of the identical type
Verbal -- Page 254 issues 53 to56
                246 eg.2
                Page 104 Exercise.3a (Series Questions)
                Page 354-355 8,13,
                Page 115

Nonverbal -- Pages 5,41,54,108,145,158


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