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Infosys Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 6 Aug 2005 St.Joseph Indian High School,Bangalore

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     I am hiday. I have attended infosys examination on sixth august 2006 at St.Joseph Indian high school, Bangalore. I have cleared the written test and waiting for the outcomes.Nearly 1000 people had attended the examination but only a few of around 120 members had cleared the test. It is very easy to crack the infosys examination just a hard preparation of 10 days is sufficient.

Tips for Preparation:  

1) 1st do R.S. AGARWAL u will get basic aptitude.

2) Then do shakuntala Devi “puzzles to puzzle u” (v.v. imp) and “more puzzles” from which three marks ques. will come.

3) Then do 2005 and 2006 previous papers (v.v.v. imp). try to get solution to every and every puzzle. I had left the ques. which I hav not got ans. I hav seen the cow gait issue while practicing but I had not got ans so I left it. In the examination I had got the identical ques. for six marks in the examination. As I had done 2 eight marks ques. it had not affected me much.

4) If time is there do the 1st part of GEORGE SUMMERS.I had done a few ques.. It consumes lot of time but try to understand atleast by seeing the ans.u have to get just such kind of thinking for doing the eight marks ques..also u can practice PUZZLE TEST chapter in Verbal Reasoning by R..S. AGARWAL for eight marks and six marks ques..

5) If still Ur having time just have a glance at BRAIN TEASERS - RAVI NARULA. The train issue from Delhi to Amritsar in my test is from this book.

6) Lastly don’t neglect English part as it will also be having weightage.u can study Wrenn and Martin for this part.mainly concentrate on usage of tenses, prepositions, articles etc. just they will be stressing on basics of grammar.

In infosys the written test consists of two sections:

1)       puzzle test- u have to ans 10 puzzles carrying 50 marks in one this part try to attempt every and every ques. because a few times they will consider those who have tried to ans the tough ques..No need to get exact ans for those ques. but u should have shown a few rough work to those ques. that u have tried to ans those ques..this will be plus point to u.

2)       Test Of English Language – in this part u have to ans 45 ques. in 30 minutes.each ques. carries one mark.all are multiple option negative marking will be ans all the ques..first comprehension passage will be provided so leave it and begin with other parts.after completion of all parts then switch to passage because it will take more time to ans the passage. After the completion of puzzle test they will take away ques. paper of puzzles but ans sheet of puzzles will be with u if time is left in English part u can attempt puzzles.

 The ques. in my test are as follows:

1) In  woods there were certain birds on every tree .Number of birds on every tree are equal to total number of trees in the woods.There are 2000-2100 birds altogether in the woods.How many trees are there in the woods? (  three marks )

Ans) let number of birds on every tree = X = number of trees in the woods.

        Then total number of birds in woods = X^ 2. = in ranging from 2000-2100.

This number should be a perfect square.there is only 1 number in that range which is


So total number of trees = 45. ( 100% sure )

2)In the construction of a house these were needed
Designer and Painter equals Rs. 1100-----à1

Painter and Plumber equals Rs. 1700----à2

Plumber and Electrician equals Rs. 1100----à3

Electrician and Constructor equals Rs. 3300-----à4

Constructor and Mechanic equals Rs. 5300----à5

Mechanic and Painter equals Rs. 3200-----à6

elaborate their individual costs? ( three marks )

Ans: Designer=200; Painter=900; Plumber=800; Electrician=300; Constructor=3000; Mechanic=2300.   ( 100% sure )

Take three => pl + el = 1100

ð      pl+ (3300-co) = 1100    ( from four )

ð      pl + 3300-(5300-mec) = 1100    ( from 5)

ð       pl + 3300-5300+mec=1100

ð      Pl+3300-5300+(3200-pa)=1100   ( from 6)

ð      Pa-pl = 100---à7

ð      And  pa+ pl= 1700---à2

ð      By solving seven and two we get  pa = 900 and pl = 800.

3) A passenger train requires twice the time to overtake the freight train as it takes to cross the freight train when it is coming in opposite direction. How much faster is the passenger train in comparison with freight train?  ( three marks) . ans) thrice.

Ans)  let time taken by passenger train to cross freight (opposite direction) = t sec.=d/(sp+sf)

        Then Time taken by passenger to overtake freight (same direction) = 2t sec. =d/ (sp-sf)

   where total distance = d meters.

   Speed of passenger = sp

  Speed of freight train = sf.

So    d / ( sp-sf) = 2d/(sp+sf)

ð      sp = 3sf.

ð      So passenger train is three times faster than freight train.


4) There are five towns - nalanda, thrilothika, rampur, solanpur and maninagar.  So say N, T, S, R, M.  Out of these, four are capitals, three industrial towns, 2 hill stations, 2 towns are on identical longitude.  Population of 2 cities is less than 5 lakhs and that of 1 city is 20 lakhs, also of other 2 cities is more than 50 lakhs.  Thirlothika is an industrial town. Maninagars population is 20 lakhs.  There are four capitals and 2 industrial towns.  Now a few data are provided involving longitudes and latitudes such as, 1 of the hill stations do not lie in the longitude in which the harbour which is also an industrial town lies and so on.  Rampur and thrilothika lies on identical longitude.  Solapur and Maninagar lies on identical latitude like that a few more data is provided.

(8 marks)


a. Which of the subsequent combination has less than five lakhs population.


Ans:   Nalanda and Rampur                          (100% Sure)


The town which is a harbour, industrial town and capital

Ans:   Thrilothika                                                (100% Sure)


Which of the subsequent combination have more than 50 lakhs population.

Ans:    Thrilothika and solanpur                   (100% Sure)


The town that is not a capital

Ans:            Nalanda                            (100% Sure)


5) A slow coach train starting from Amritsar at 9:00 am reaches Delhi by 9:30am after three days and vice versa.If a slowcoach train begins from Delhi to Amritsar, how many trains will it meet on its way to Amritsar?

Ans) seven trains.

Let us consider that today is Monday.

Train begins from Delhi at 9:00 am on Monday and reaches Amritsar on Thursday at 9:30 am.

The trains that will come on its way are

 Trains from amritsar on:     Fri     Satur    Sun     Mon    Tues   Wedn  Thurs

 Reaches delhi on  :            Mon   Tues     Wed   Thurs   Fri      Sat       Sun

The above trains are all the trains which come to our train on its way.

So totally there are seven trains.



6) Ann, Carol, Eve are friends. Ann will wear blue if and only if eve wears red.  Ann and carol can wear red but not on the same  day.  Carol and eve can wear blue but not on the identical day. obtain Ann dress color?   ( six marks )


            Ans:            blue                                          (100% Sure)


   Let red – 0 and Blue - 1.

1)       if eve is 0 then ann is 1.

2)       Ann and carol should not be 0 at identical time.

3)       Carol and eve should not be one at identical time.


                         Ann     carol    eve


                           0          0         0 -------à    not satisfying condition.( 1)


                           0          0          1-------à    not satisfying condition.(2)


                           0          1          0-------à   not satisfying condition. ( 1)


                           0          1           1------à   not satisfying condition.(3)


                           1           0          0-----à   satisfies all conditions.


                           1           0          1------à   satisfies all conditions.


                           1           1          0 ------à   satisfies all conditions.


                           1            1         one ------à    not satisfying condition. (3)


In all the satisfying conditions ann is wearing blue colour.



7) clark, jones, mason and smith are four people.their professions are druggist, butcher, policeman,and grocer not in the identical order as their names.find their respective professions?

    1) clark and jones are neighbours and they drive every other to work.

    2) jones earns more than mason.

    3)Policeman earns more than druggist and grocer.

    4)policeman does not have druggist as a neighbour.

    5) butcher goes to his work by walk.

    6)policeman doesnot meet the grocer until he arrests him for exceeding the speed limit.

   7) clark beats smith every time at bowling.  ( eight marks)

Ans) from two and 3,

      Jones is police and mason may be 1 of druggist and grocer.

From one and four Clark is not police, and druggist.

From six jones( police) meet grocer  only 1 time. So clark is not grocer.(since clark is neighbor to jones means they will be meeting daily).

=>Clark is butcher.

From 7, smith is a grocer (since a good man like Clark will not play with any druggist generally)

ð      mason is druggist.

So  jones => policeman.

      Clark => butcher.

      Smith => grocer.

      Mason => druggist.



8) 2 couples A, B, C, and D are current and they play musical instruments violin, drums, flute and guitar not in the order of their names.

  1) person who plays violin and guitar are brother and sister.

  2) person playing violin is opposite to person playing flute. ( six marks)


And a few more conditions were provided and asked to obtain their respective musical instruments.

It was easy.i had answered it.



9) there are two colours of bananas of which a bunch of red colour bananas cost 40 cents and a bunch of blue colour bananas cost 30 cents.if I would bought a few bananas for a few amount then I will get two more bunches than I had got if I divide the amount equally.then for what amount I would have bought the bananas? ( six marks )


Ans) 120 cents ( LCM of 30 and 40 ) I think it is wrong check it.



10) A cow is standing five feet from the middle of the bridge. A train is coming towards the cow at speed of 90 miles per hour  from the near end and the train is twice as long as the bridge. If the cow had tried to move forward in the identical direction as of the train then the cow would have got hit by 3 feet. But it moved in opposite direction to the train and saved by 1 feet. Then What is the length of the bridge?

What is the gait of the cow? (Speed of the cow)      (6 Marks)


Ans)  sorry I had not got the ans.                           B – length of the bridge.

                                                                                                                    C- COW.

                                                                   C                                               T – TRAIN.

                      |-----------------------|ß----5ft à|-------------|

                      |ß--------B/2 ----->|ß------B/2------------à|



The cow is at point ‘C ‘and train is coming in the direction shown above.

I was confused with length of the bridge in feet and the speed of the train miles. So I did not attempt this ques..


English section:


It comprises of subsequent sections:


1)       a passage was provided followed by ques.. ( six marks)

2)       synonyms r provided. ( five marks )

3)       identification of phrases that contains fault ( usage of tenses, articles, prepositions)      ( five marks)

4)       identification of phrases that are accurate ( usage of tenses, articles, prepositions)           ( six marks )

5)       a story will be provided with blanks in them.we hav to fill them ( 10 marks)

6)       choosing of best word or phrase.( six marks)

7)       choosing of improper word ( seven marks)



Interview Experience:


My interview was on seventh august 2006 at 2:20 pm. I reached infosys campus by 2:00 pm. Mean while I had asked a person interviewed for puzzles, he told me make 23 using 5 5’s.

Ans) (5*5) - (5+5)/5.

Divide a line into three equal parts without using scale.

Ans) to the provided line draw a line at 45 degrees w.r.t. the provided line then divide that line into three equal parts of random length.from that points join the provided line perpendicularly.then those points r the points which divide the provided line into three equal parts.this we would hav learned in first year of engg drawing.but that guy had not answered to any 1 of the ques..


truly this is my 1st HR in my life. there were two lady panel.i was tensed by seeing ladies. they signed me to come in through glass doors.



Me: may I come in mam.

Ladies:  please come in.

Me: good afternoon mam.

Ladies: good afternoon please take ur seat.

Me: thank u mam with a big smile.

Ladies: 1 lady is not at all asking me ques..she is just observing me.only the other 1 had asked me ques..

Lady: what do ur friends call u?

Me: hiday mam.

Lady: ok hiday introduce ur self.

Me: I started with my B.Tech and continued up to tenth class.i was yet to tell about family background then

Lady: ok hiday how would u define ur self?

Me: iam basically simple,adjusting and fun loving friends consider me as sincere and friendly too mam.

Lady:when u had come here?

Me: just 20 min before mam.

Lady: hav u participated in any extracurricular activities?

Me: I hav participated in inter college level cricket competitions.

Lady: hav u not participated in any cultural events?

Me: no mam truly our batch is 1st batch in our college.apart from flag hasting on 15th aug no cultural events had conducted in my college.

Lady: oh I see!

Lady:what is ur project?

Me: iam from ECE background and my project is “IMPLEMENTATION OF SPEECH CODEC” which is related to DSP. I discussed the basic concept behind my seems that she had not understood it.

Lady: hiday what is ur role in ur project?

Me: I involved in my project as team leader mam.

Lady: as a team leader what is ur responsibility?

Me: it is my responsibility that I hav to make understand the project to everyone in the team mam.

Lady:what else hav u done?

Me: I hav  collected material for documentation mam.

Lady: by seeing application she asked do u know MATLAB?

Me: yes mam my project has been coded in MATLAB itself.

Lady:  hav u coded on ur own.

Me: mam to be frank it is very difficult to code our project.there will be number of functions for every is very difficult to know all those.but I know basics of matlab mam.

Lady: ok then from where u hav bought code?

Me: it was given by my project guide mam.

Lady:what features can u add to the pen?

Me: I was tensed for that ques. and not answered it.but after cmng out I got various ideas like we can add watch in pen, we can add camera to that pen,we can add various colours to the pen so that it can change from 1 color to a different after writing a few thing. Etc.

Lady: ok leave it.this table is there na how can u use it?

Me: 1) we can use it for the separation of the room as a wall. Also lot of space gets saved if we use wood instead of wall.

2) By attaching mirror to it, it can be used as a mirror in barber shops mam.

3) instead of tiles in toilet we can use it mam.

Lady: I think wood will get spoiled na.

Me: smiled at her.

Lady: she had understood and switched to next ques.. There is a room and two hooks are attached to the ceiling of room which are spaced 0.5 meters apart.from the two hooks two ropes are there.these two ropes r touching to ur both hands.u have to remove those ropes by climbing only once?

Me:with 1 hand we hav to handle 1 rope and with other rope we hav to climb up and remove that rope.then we should fall but we r having the support of other one.with that rope I will climb to the other rope and remove that 1 also.

Lady:first she did not understand but later she get convinced..

Lady: I think ur dad is hindi pandit?

Me: yes mam.

Lady: so u might be knowing hindi very well.

Me: yes mam ofcourse it is our national language too.

Lady:do u hav any queries?

Me: congratulations mam!

Lady: both of them get stunned and stared at me.

Me: for entering ur company into silver jubilee year.

Ladies:thank u.

Me: mam what skills r essential to be successful in this position ?

Lady: what do u think ?

Me: if any work is assigned to us then we should complete it before the deadline.

Lady: yes this is the 1st thing u should have in software field.

Me: I had not interfered again in that topic after she gave me a punch.

Me: if I would be opted in which domain I would be placed?

Lady: right now we can’t tell depends on vacancies at that time in that domain.

Lady: any more.

Me: that’s all mam.

Lady: ok all the best hiday!

Me: thank u mam (with a smile face).

I had lasted for 15-20 minutes.

Then in the down stairs infosys volunteers intimated me that outcomes r announced after four weeks.

So friends pray for me so that I can see the selection letter in my mail.i think this paper would have definitely helped u a few thing.


All the best for infosys aspirants!!!!




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