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Infosys Aptitude - Puzzle Placement Paper 16 Sep 2006 K.L.N.College of Engineering, Madurai

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Infosys paper on 16th September 2006 at Madurai


  1. In a store, the positions of Buyer, Floorwalker, Manager, Cashier and Clerk which are held by A,B,C,D,E.


Floorwalker and Clerk have their lunch from 11:30 to 12:30 while all others have their lunch from 12:30 - 1:30

Mrs A and Mrs C are sisters.

A and B bring there own lunch and play cribbage during there lunch hours.

D has nothing to do with E, ever since D once returning from lunch early obtained E gone and reported him to manager.

Clerk and the cashier share a bachelor’s flat.

obtain A,B,C,D’s occupation???            (8 marks)

2. A large cube has all its faces painted red. It is cut into 27 small equal cubes by six cuts. obtain out how many of them have

(a)3 red faces

(b)2 red faces

(c) one red face

(d) no red face                                      (8 marks)



3. There are 3 triplets to a couple: Annie, Fanny and Danny. The couple obtains dirty footprints on the floor of kitchen. All of them have identical foot size, so they ask them as to who did it. To which they replied:

Annie: I didn’t do it

Fanny: Danny did it

Danny: Fanny is lying

Out of 3 kids, only 1 of them is saying truth.

Whose footprints were on the floor???                          (6 marks)



4. In a game of cricket azahar scored 76 less than dravid. and  sachin scored 72 more than Azahar .the total runs made by Azahar and robin are 94.robin scored 26 more than zadeja. dravid scored 26 more than robin. What is the score?       (4 marks)



5. obtain a taxi no. which leaves 1 as remainder with 2,3,4,5,6 and is divisible by 11.(3 marks)


6. someone is driving a car.. sees a mile stone with a 2 digit no. on it (km)… after 1 hour sees a mile stone with the identical digits but in reversed order… again after 1 hour he sees the no. in original order but with a 0 in the middle.. obtain the speed of the car..(4 marks)


7.A number  which is divisible by 3,4,5,7 & is less than 500. (question s asked in a few other way)                                           (3 marks)


8.Two trains begin simultaneously from station X and station Y and heads towards every other.Every 1 hour a train leaves from both stations. if five hours is the time to reach the other station, how many trains will u cross if u r travelling in any 1 direction?(4 marks)

9.A lady went for shopping,first she spents half of the money plus Rs5 at a butcher shop.second she spents half of the remaining plus Rs2 at a dairy shop and then again half of the remaining at a bakery and then she was left with Rs5 .Find how many money she had with her initially?                    (4 marks)

10.Find out next term in the series:      (6 marks)

a)      3,6,13,26,33,66, ----

b)      364,361,19,16,4,1, -----




1.A – manager, B – cashier, C – floorwalker, D – clerk, E – buyer

2.a) 8   b)12   c)6    d)1

3.Danny is saying truth and Annie’s footprint



6.45 m/hr (the no. is 16, 61, 106)

7.420 (LCM of 3,4,5,7)

8.9 trains

9.Rs 64

10. a)73   ( 3*2 = 6   6+7 = 13    13*2 =26   26+7 = 33   33*2 = 66   66+7 = 73 )

     b)1     (1*1 = 1    1+3 = 4      4*4 = 16    16+3 = 19    19*19 = 361   361+3 = 364 )


English part

  • comprehension
  • tenses
  • choosing the right phrase
  • choosing the wrong statement
  • fill in the blanks with suitable words provided


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