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Infosys Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 10 Sep 2006 Delhi.

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                           infosys placement paper 10 september 2006at  Delhi.

Hi friends,

 There are two Parts of Test,
1.      Logical Reasoning                    10 puzzles 60 minutes 50 Marks
2.      English  Question                     45 ques. 30minutes 45 Marks


Logical Reasoning  


1.[(x)power1/3]+[(x)power1/9]=60                                      three marks

ans take .[(x)power1/3]=a then form the eqation a+a(power2)=60


2.a cube is painted in 27 cubes. obtain the number of cubes with    8marks

a.3 sides painted

b.2 sides painted

c.1 sides painted

d. no sides painted


3.i participated in a race 1/5th of those who are before me and 5/6th are behind me. obtain the total number of participants.                                                                        three marks

Ans : 31


Let the total number of participants be X

So, [(x-1)/5 + 5(x-1)/6] = X on solving we get the total no. as 31


4.A & B are 2 friends. Together they go from shopping .A buys a hat and a suit.all together A spends 15 rupees. B buys a hat which costs identical as the suit bought buy A. B says to a that”if at all i had bought my hat by spending 1.5 times u spent on buyingh ur hat, we both would have spent the identical amount on buying our items(together ie 15 rs)

a.what is cost of hat bought by A

b. the money A & B spent all together.                                      6marks

Ans (a) 6.4rs

       (b)rs 29

Ans four a. lets sayA spent x  & y on hat and suit resp.

From the condition we can say   B spent y and x-1 rs on hat and dress resp.

From what B told to A we can write





b. total A alone spent =x+y=15.

B spent =y+(x-1)=14



so together  they spent 15+14=29 rs



5. There was a long ques. in which various relations were provided like A is younger than B but older than C a few names were assigened toA,B,C..The ques. was to obtain the youngest of all. This was very simple.                                                      6marks
Ans: E(Edward)

6.A man was travelling in a car he saw a milestone with two digits after one hour he saw a different milestone with two digits reversed...then he saw a different milestone with two digits separated by 0.what is the numbers(repeated)                                                                              4  marks

ans. 45km/hr   miles stones were 16,61 & 106



7.There are A, B, C, D, E, F students they speak 1 are more than 1 of english, itali,

french, Spanish, portueges; B, C speak English. But after D joins they have Spanish as

the common language

Spanish is most common language

A, B, E have French as common language                                                          

C, E has Italian as common language

3 speak portueges

Out of all 1=all speaks five Langs, 1= speaks four Langs, 1= speaks three

Langs, 1= speaks two Langs,1= speaks one language?


then four ques. were asked based on above data like

1) A knows which languages? four choices were provided (one can easily get the ans from

the above data and provided options)

2) B knows how many languages

a) English, French b)English, French Spanish c)English, French, Spanish Italian

d)English, French, Spanish, Italian,Portugese

3)and 4) I am sorry i forgot                                                                                 8 Marks


8. A 5 digit no. whose 3rd digit is 1 greater than the sum of 2 digits and the 3rd is double the forth and forth is double of the 5th digit and 2nd is greater than 1st digit by 5. if we multiply forth and 5th digits we get the 3rd digit.   4marks

Ans.16842 a town there are 100 persons. Out of those 70 are bachelor,80 has house, 90 has cars. how many people are bachelor, have car and house .                         four marks

10.                    four maks



1.                A simple studying comprehension six ques. on that.(suggest u to it at the last otherwise not able to attend the rest of the paper)

2.                preposition six ques..

3.                which sentence is accurate out of do example ( basic mistakes as comma or full stop, spellings, words having identical pronunciation but various meaning eg expect and aspect ,
    a. Their habits complement every other.
    b. Their habits compliment every other.

4.                choose sentence of similar meaning:

5.                filling in the accurate form of verb.(tense)_

6.                filling the blank with the articles


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