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US Technology Interview Placement Paper 29 Oct 2006 JIET, Jodhpur

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        All D Best two u all for ur campus. As I faced d selection procedure for US Technology Resources, i m going to define it here for ur convenience. Mind It Tht this is NOT A BPO or CALL CENTER. Its purely tech. company having a BPO part. Our interview was for software development.   Day 1: The very 1st activity by the company was PPT. The smart company persons presented their company. every and every candidate was allowed to attend it.           After PPT, there was a written test for 90 Mins. having 82 ques..               Out of these 82 ques., 32 were of general aptitude, mathematics. For these questions, R S Agarwal is sufficient.          a different 50 ques. were of Verbal ability, in which four looooooong pasages were provided and ques. related to them were asked. 
         Mind  it tht these passages were not jst simple passages, these were to check ur thinking ability and ur direction of taking the issue. 
         But no doubt passages were too long even one passage was long as 2 A-4 sized papers.             the test held apprx. 1-2 pm. About 5-6 pm, the outcome was declared and apprx. 45% candidates got opted.               the next round was Group Discussion. this also held the identical day. the topic for GD which we attended was           ---Should Political parties be there in colleges or not?---            The mentor was totally devoted to checking the verbal ability of the candidate and no doubt leadership characteristic too.          A gud command on english and u can clear the GD if u r not having strong opposition.          Well, I cleared GD too. Now the next step was the interview. I can't say it as purely HR or tech. Interview.   Day 2: The next day was sunday, bt company persons were there before the candidates. The interview was goin to be held 2day.   My Interview:              This was d most interesting interview I faced. I went to the interview room, which was having a glass door.              Through d glass of door, I saw in the eyes of interviewer with a pleasent smile. He also smiled in reply and here I got a half job. Since we have made the environment very easy, I was not so much nervous. I asked him to come in and entered the room. May be a seven yard distance was der frm door to his table. He wished me GOOD MORNING, I stated in reply GOOD MORNING bt after seeing watch, i founf tht I was wrong b'coz it was 1:30pm. Well A bit nervousness was der on my face as usual. Bt he noticed it and asked me He:- R U tensed? Me:-No, sir i m not tensed, but a bit nervous. He:- Why? Is it ur fst interview.? Me:-Yes Sir. He:- So Mr. Sagar, tell me the FUNNIEST STORY of this world.I was really got shocked by hearing this. I never expect such ques. in interview. I thought for 5-6 seconds and suddenly replied with a cute smile Me:-Sir, I M D SMARTEST PERSON ON THIS WORLD (with a real expression less face)        This was ans which decided the way of my interview. he smiled and appreciated He:-Do u take ur task like this only? Me:-Yes, Sir. I m always funny in my task but I always understand my responsibilities nd no doubt i m always dedicated to my work. But i never take tension            b'coz tension ruines our future, tension affects our outcome. If we keep smiling always then we and our colleagues both can work easily. He:- Fine, tell me a few thing about ur frnd circle. Me:-Sir, we are 6-7 frnds who work together, study together and in free time enjoy together. we all are of the identical kind tension free mind. wherever we work   we work together which increases our efficiency (showing capability to work in group) He:- tell me a few thing about ur family Me:- i told about my family widout too much describing. jst simple description He:- Wht do u think  abt learning frm ur frnds? Me:-Sir, truly learning is a life long process and we can learn any time, any where in this life. and frm frnds, frm colleagues they are d best erson frm whom we can learn while working. and so nd so.............. He:- where do u obtain technically urself among ur frnds? Me:-Sir, as i think I M GOOD bt NOT SO GOOD, I M BAD bt NOT SO BAD (this quotation was told by the company person itself during ppt). tht's y  i expect om but don't expect vry high. i a bit higher then my colleagues at tech. level and a responsible person too. and wen i visited ur web-site company founder Late Mr. G A menon told tht " We provide responsibilities, not order" and i m  responsible person as told by my frnds, my colleagues and my faculty members. I m totally dedicaetd to my work which sometime become my weakness tht i even forget myself, my personnel life. He:- ok fine, so jst write a progrmme which ever u lik. i sarted wrting programme, ad he asked which programe u r goin to write, i told i m goin to write prog to calcutate a^b in C i wrote a program and handed over it to him. I also discussed the limitation of that programme to him. He:- R u interested in solving puzzles? Me:-sir, finding d solution of issues is my passion. U jst provide me the problem, i'll try my best to solve it, if get solved den fine then its ok he smiled bt ddin't provide me any prblem. He:- wud u lk to ask ne ques? Me:-Sir, wht will b our responsibiliies in the company? He:- it depends on u only. in vry fst day, the task will b allocated to u as per ur feild, after tht on the basis of ur feedback frm ur seniors, ur colelagues ur responsibilites will decided. Any Other? since the enviroment was vry cool and tension free, i fired d most interesting ques Me:-Sir, when i'll have to join? He smiled and told me "Ne Other ques. plz" Me:-No sir thank u.          A firm hand shake and i was outside the room.   in evening at 6pm, resut declard nd i was opted   BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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