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Infosys Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 29 Oct 2006 St. Francis College for Women Hyderabad

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  INFOSYS PAPER ON 29th OCTOBER AT HYDERABAD   hi i wrote infosys examination on 29th oct the trend was changed for us puzzle was provided...alll reasoning they gave a conditions and beneath that a few four ques. are provided 30 (45 mins)marks paper   1)there was a ques. like      they are two races 100m race n 200 meter race the participants are P,Q,R,S,T,U,V  some conditions like(i dont remember exact conditions of P,Q....but they are like this)   P is better than T in 100 mt race n less than a few U in 200 mt race R neither occupies lat position nor the 1st position S is better than a few U in 200 mt and less than T in 100 mt race P have four members above it in 100 mt race and four members beneath it in 200 mt race according to this data a few ques. are provided   a) how many are there  beneath Q in 100 mt race?(options are provided a few 6,5,4,none of these)ans six b)how many are there beneath Q in 200 mt race?(options are provided 6,5,3,none of these) c)how many members have identical postion in both 100 mt n 200mt race?ans S,R d)which occupies 1st position in 200 mt race?(data not sufficient) e)which occupies last position in a few 100 mt or 200mt race?     2)this a odd 1 out ques. it also contains five ques. ecah ques. has a few five figures in whinch four are related and one is various they gave a few figures like directin figures ie cloack wise direction a am linear line with a few direction like that(they are confusing but easy)     3)there are 6  members seated round a conference table A,B,C,D,E,F they wear differetnt color t shirts of white,black,blue,yellow red,green and they have ordered for pastries,burgers,sandwich,patters,vineala,pizzas,some drink ot all in identical order and a few conditions are provided   persons in white n blasck does not eat pizzas pastries,patters and a few other condition i dont remember it but conditions are like this A is neither in white t-shirt nor is not on immediate left who ordered for burger the person ranging from E and F has ordered for sandwhich and is not to the person wearin white T-shirt D has oredered for burger and and the man opposite to him has ordered for sandwich the person who ordered for burger wears green t-shirt and is not to the ridgt of a few 1 like this and a few five ques. are provide.   this ques. takes time but will get the ans     4) a) A)all docks are socks        B) all rocks are socks          C) a few docks are socks          D) a few rocks are socks            E)all rocks are docks         like this conditions are provided and three cobination choices are provided asked for whichis accurate      like a)ABD b)ACB c)AEB d)ABE  5 ques. are provided in this group its easy select the answers by lookin at the choices     5)some graph is provided and a few condition and a few ques.     english was same(30 mins)   2 comprehensive passages correction of phrases it was easy but prepare for it too takes time   i was opted for the interview...out of 791 they choose a few 158 for interview   there are two rounds in the interview a few of them are stated to leave after fisrt round and a few have both the rounds   first round is HR only(i was asked by a lady n man above a few 40-45 and they are kool)   1)they gave a few topic and asked to select me one topic and speak abt it joinin the organisation for money or inproving skills? importance of marraiage musharruf the bluff master some kiran singh and 1 more i have opted the 1st 1 2) they asked abt my self family background 3) they asked me to learn a few thing aloud which is a ques. abt our project ......explain our project to a fifth standard learner 4) he gave me two puzzles(i discussed them but was not correct) 5) do u have any ques.   i was opted for the sencond round also(she was also kool)   she asked wht they have asked me in the 1st round......i told her...... did u ans the puzzles she asked i stated no......she asked me 1 ques. like there are a car cycle truck,auto which combination of 2 will u use to make a aeroplane i stated a few thing and she asked y......i answered jus confidentely i donno whether it is right or wrong she asked do u have any ques. i asked a few ques.   thats all it was kool results will b declared after two weeks donno wht happens ALL the best for u all......  By,
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