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Infosys Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 29 Oct 2006 Hyderabad

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  INFOSYS PAPER ON 29th OCTOBER AT  HYDERABAD    Hi Friends, this is Sathish Kumar, B.Tech 2005 passout. I have attended the Infosys written exam on 29th Oct, 2006 at Hyderabad. But to my surprise, the paper trend is not the identical. I was shocked to see the paper and for a moment I thought they gave us the wrong paper. But nothing to do, I went on solving the paper.


The new paper trend is like this……………….

1st Paper consisted of 30 ques. to be solved in 45 Minutes of time. (Multiple Choice)

2nd Paper consisted of 40 ques. to be done in 30 Minutes of time. (Multiple Choice)


Believe me, the provided time is not at all sufficient to do all the ques. in both the papers.

First paper consisted of the ques. of the kind Logical Reasoning with multiple option. No Puzzles. None of the ques. are from Shakunthala Devi, Jeorge J Summers, Brain Teasers or any thing as such. None of the ques. are from previous papers. If you have done R.S.Aggarval’s Verbal as well as Non Verbal Reasoning, it will be easy for you, I guess.


Nearly 1000 people took the exam and 138 got short listed for the Interview. Unfortunately, I am not 1 among them, even after a very hard preparation.


Anyways, I am giving the paper we got on 29 Oct, 2006 at Hyderabad. I did not remember the ques. exactly, but to provide an idea, I am giving here what I remember……….






Infosys Sample Paper on 29th Oct, 2006 at Hyderabad


30 Questions                                                                                    45 Minutes


For the ques. numbers one through 5, ans by studying the subsequent.


There is a 100meters and 200meters running race to be held and the participants are P, Q, R, S, T, U and V.

a)      S is just beneath P in the 100 meters race and just above P in 200 meters race.

b)      R is not the 1st in both the races.

c)      U’s position is better than V in both the races

d)      There is none ranging from S and P in any race.

(Two more conditions given)


  1. Who is the 1st position in 100 meters race?
  2. Who is the 1st position in 200 meters race?
  3. Who occupies the identical position in both the races?
  4. …………………  (Sorry friends, I 4got)
  5. …………………. (  “                       “    )           (All are Multiple option Questions)




For the ques. six through 10, select the choice from a through e which looks lowest like the others.


(Here a few figures are given, which are of the kind provided in RRB and Bank exams. These kind of ques. could be obtained in RS Aggarwals’ NON VERBAL REASONING Book)




b)                   c)                             d)                               e)

The above ques. is not exactly the same, but just to provide you an idea. The ques. from six to 10 are of the above kind.(Figures may not appear while posting this paper)



For the ques. 11 through 15, use the subsequent

Mark one if A only is sufficient

Mark two if B only is sufficient

Mark three if A and B both are necessary

Mark four if neither is sufficient

Mark five if any of the 2 is sufficient


11. (a^b) > (b^a)

            A) a!=b                        B) b>a


12. (2/x) > one

            A) x<1             B) x>1


Sorry friends, I couldn’t remember the remaining three. But these 5 are based on Data Sufficiency. (The above 2 ques. are not exact)



For the ques. 16 through 20, use the subsequent Data


A Company produces a product. In the course of its production, it also produces a few defective items. If the company sends these products to the shops along with the defective items, it has to pay a few money to the shop owners. But if the company wants to make the defective items into defect less items, it has to spend a few amount of money. The company has to decide any 1 of these options. Based on this, predict what the company has to do for the following…….


(A Graph is given, I am giving it here, but it is not the identical as appeared in the Exam, just to provide you an idea…………….)





                                                               DEFECTIVE ITEMS

Based on the above figure, 5 ques. were asked (A bit tough) like…………


16. if x=0.2, what should be done?

            1. A only          2. B only          3. A and B both            4. Can’t say


17. If x=0.5, what should be done?

            1. A only          2. B only          3.A and B both 4. Any 1


Like this a different 3 ques. were asked.



For the ques. 21 through 25, use the subsequent data to ans.


Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F went to a restaurant. All the 6 wore various T-Shirts like Blue, Black, White, Green, Yellow and Red. They all want to sit in the form of a circle facing every other. They all ordered various items. The person who wore Green T-Shirt ordered Strawberry. The other 5 people ordered Pizzas, Pastries, Patties, Vanilla and Chocolate. The person who wore Blue T-Shirt is not sitting to the left of the person who ordered Vanilla. (Few more conditions were given)


21. Who wore Black T-Shirt?

1. A                 2. B                  3. C                 4. F

22. Who ordered Pastries?

            1. E                  2. F                  3. B                  4. D

23. What is the color of the T-Shirt of the person who ordered Patties?

            1. Black           2. Blue             3. Yellow         4. Red

24. Who is sitting opposite to E?

            1. A                 2. B                  3. C                 4. F


Like these 1 more ques. was asked…………………



For the ques. 26 through 30, select the 1 that correctly matches from the provided 6 conditions



A) All roses are flowers.

B) All flowers are not roses.

C) a few flowers are roses.

D) a few flowers are lilies.

E) All lilies are flowers.

F) a few roses are lilies


1. ADF            2. BCE             3. BEF             4. ABF


(The ques. is not exactly same, but it’s almost of that kind. They have provided 6 conditions in the ques. like A, B, C, D, E, F and in the ans choices, a combination of 3 is provided as shown above. )


The remaining 4 ques. are also of the identical kind as shown above.



                                                                               ENGLISH PAPER


40 ques.                                                                                                              30 Minutes


It consisted of 2 studying Comprehensions with a very big passage (almost 1 and half page of A4 size, every passage) subsequent that are five ques. for every RC. So, a total of 10 ques. for 2 studying Comprehensions.



a few are correcting the phrases


a few are to fill up the blanks with improper tense forms.


a few are to substitute a sentence for a provided sentence.

(All the ques. are of Multiple option Type)




So friends, if are going to attend the Infosys Written Examination, don’t expect that you will be getting the old trend. We don’t know when they are going to change. So, prepare every thing.  In this paper we did not get any ques. from Shakunthala Devi’s two books, George J Summers. But a few of the ques. are of the kind provided in R S Aggarwals Verbal as well as Non Verbal Reasoning Book.


I wish “All the Best” to the people who are having their Written exam in the coming days.

I hope my paper helps you in getting an idea of the new trend.


One more thing I would like to tell you friends, if ever you fail to get into your dream company, don’t loose heart and remember that there are many other companies along with your dream company after the specified period of time (i.e., nine months for Infosys). Also remember that not only hard work that plays an important role, but also LUCK. Hope we all settle in a good position soon.




Sathish Kumar

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