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Infosys Interview Placement Paper 29 Oct 2006 St. Michael's Academy, Chennai.

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     I am anandbabu from Sree sastha institute of engineering and technology; the trend was fully changed that was an aptitude test (Analytical Thinking and Arithmetic Reasoning) and a test of English language. The duration of the tests will be 75 minutes. In aptitude six big issues

every has five ques. totally aptitude 30 ques. 45 minutes time. Next round English it has 40 ques. 30 minutes. In aps

1.running race issue

2.Non-verbal analogies

3.Data suffiency

4.Bar chart

5.Dresses, colors and fruits issue


Next round English was quite easy. If you know basic grammar you can easily crack it. The trend was fully changed so I don’t know exact values of the issue. Totally 500 attended I think. I wrote exam, I didn’t have a hope. After outcomes announced I was short listed for next round. No negative marks so I attended all ques..

     Here is my interview experience.

In my panel 2 experienced women was there

HR       : ya! anand take ur seat.

ME      :  thank you mam. 

HR       : provide ur resume.

ME      : I gave my Résumé, they asked about my hometown [Cuddalore]

HR       : Tell me a few interesting features about Cuddalore

ME      : I told a few interesting places in cuddalore,

HR       : Tell me about ur college life

ME      :I told them, what was the role I did in my college
HR       : They asked about my hostel life?

ME      : I told them about my “best outgoing hostel learner award” [because I mentioned in my resume]

HR       : 1 of my interviewer stated that she never saw such an award like mentioned above.

ME      :Then puzzle


 X        X         X



 X        X         X



 X        X         X

HR       : Consider all x as wolf and there was a fence .You should draw 1 square and 1 rectangle so that every wolf should be in 1 box.

ME      :  I tried to a few extend, but can’t.

HR       : what is your area of interest?

ME      : data communication and networking

HR       : what is the current security system  we using?

ME      : I told about cryptography

HR       : what is the recent technology using in mobile communication?

ME      : I told ‘cdma’ and 3g networks

HR       : you organized any symposium?

ME      : I told my college symposium ‘trendz05’

HR       : you attended previous any interviews?

ME      : I told satyam attended

HR       : u cleared group discussion?

ME      : yes

HR       : which topic they gave?

ME      : dress coat should be banned or not

HR       : nice we will explain.

ME      : we explained lot.

HR       : they asked “your opinion”

ME      : I discussed my ideas and views

HR       : why you are choosing software? Why you are not choosing

            Electronics jobs? (bcoz I am ece stream)

ME      : I told” I am having logical and analytical ability and time management”

            I discussed all things

HR       : ok,anand u have any questions?

ME      : what is my career growth in your company

HR       : it is fully based on your performance.ok thank u anand.

I was waiting outside for 15 minutes. They told go and attend 

Second round

There only 1 person is there. I entered in to the room.

HR       : please take your seat.

ME      : I told thank you

HR       : anand what is your hobbies

ME      : playing cricket, listening music

HR       : U talk half minute about cricket

ME      : I discussed.

HR       : why nowadays India loosing the matches provide a few reason?

ME      : I  told a few reasons. he satisfied.

HR       : what is your strength?

ME      : I  told quick student

HR       : provide 1 small incident about  quick student

ME      : I discussed my college incident

HR       : What you know about infosys?

ME      : already I know company profile so I discussed very well.

HR       : why should I hire you?

ME      : I am having analytical abilty and logical skills, I am a quick learner,

             Whatever giving assignment I will do my best and effective role in a team sir


HR       :ok anand we will contact ur mail within four weeks.

ME      :thank you ,sir

After interview I know the solution of the puzzle. If you don’t know

The puzzle no problem, you should show how u are approaching the solution.

After 1 week I got offer letter. Be confident. they will check mainly ur

Communication  skills. I belive this  interview experience will be little

Helpful for your interview.

My parents  and my best
helped me lot.bcoz only I got infosys.

Wish you all the best

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