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TechMahindra Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 4 Nov 2006 Noida

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Hiiii   friends,
there were in all five parts in the online test comprising of English,maths and puzzles.


these were the simple ques. on prepositions and verb; followed by RTC(reference to context) and fill the blanks kind of ques..


  1. this ornament belongs ___ me.( to)

a total of 10 ques. on verbs and prepositions.

next was the fill in the blanks. just eight ques. for a paragraph……this was very easy and could easily be made out.


ques. on

venn diagrams

profit loss



a few of the ques. were wrong and couldn’t be made out.since there was no negative marking so just make it out that wots the meaning and interpret it as you can. just attempt the ques..


  1. 15 people,8 spk tamil , seven spk hindi and three do not speak any language. then hw many spk both.

  2. if I have a 40 lt full of milk jar and I change four lts with water consecutively twice then wot amount of milk is left.

  3. if b’s salary is 25% less as to A’s then wots a’s salary to b’s.

  4. series ques.

  5. cipher text ques. like if stupid is written as XXXXXX then hws YYYYY written


puzzles from shakuntala devi and gorge j summers………….

just the easy ones,since time is very less so better you memorize the answers for the ques. that are provided beneath.i m not giving the answers,I solved them but u better mug them up, so that you do not run out of time and can concentrate on other parts.

  1. .   if a vendor has X eggs and sells 50% + ½ egg to 1st and 50% of the rest +1/2 to the 2nd and 50% of the left+ ½ to the 3rd and       left  with three egges and he did not cut any of the eggs………..what was the original count.
  2. there are four people playing tennis, zita,her daughter,her son and her brother.given are a few conditions.who is the best player

  3. A B C are 3 people and 1 of them is the muderer.given a few conditions about the detective and murderer …………. check who is who

  4. in a family of 4, there is 1 singer and 1 dancer……….given conditions …………..who is the singer

3-4 more puzzles were there

few points to be noted are negative marking.

2 just 1 hour time. not attempt the part twice,actually the software rubs all your attempts as soon as you click on the link again,so be care ful while you are attempting the test and the sectiuon. the puzzles are in the last section………….do keep a track of the parts you had attempted.

4.if running out of time just blindly click on choice a or choice c, since during solving I obtained that about 80% were having a or c as the answer……….rest all is dependent on GOD.

tech. was very easy and hr was a cake walk.

good bye
Rajat Kumar.

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