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Infosys Aptitude - Puzzle Placement Paper 27 May 2006 Christ College Bangalore

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1. Long qns of fair, tall handsome men. four subparts based on this. The subparts were of multiple option kinds. (Qns took up 2/3rd of the page).

2. issue from Shakuntala Devi - Puzzles to puzzle you --- No 15 (Nuts for the nuts) --> There are 770 nuts to be divided upon three ppl in proportion of their ages. The sum of ages is 17+1/2. They divide nuts as follows. If M took4, N took three and if M took 6, O took 7. Who got how many nuts? (Ans: M=264, N=198, O=308)

3. A Hare & Tortoise have a race along a circle of 100 yards diameter. The tortoise goes in 1 direction and hare in a different. The hare begin after the tortoise has covered !/8 of its distance and that too liesurely. The hare and tortoise meet when the hare has covered only 1/6 of the distance. By what factor should the hare increse its speed so as to reach the end b4 the tortoise. (Ans: 85/4)

4. issue from Shakuntala Devi - Puzzles to puzzle you --- No 62 (Pigs and Ducks) --> Ajit asked a farmer how many pigs and ducks he had. The farmer stated he had altogether 60 eyes and 86 feet. How many ducks and pigs were there? (Ans: 13 pigs, 17 ducks)

5. A issue of mother, children and their ages

6. Football Match issue - long one. which team won wich match depending upon data provided

7. issue from George Summers - (After Dinner Drink) on page 14.
Fodder, Pepsi, and Cola often eat dinner out.
(i) every orders either tea or coffee after dinner.
(ii) If Fodder orders Coffee, then Pepsi orders the drink that Cola orders.
(iii) If Pepsi orders coffee, then Fodder orders the drink that Cola doesn't order.
(iv) If Cola orders tea, then Fodder orders the drink that Pepsi orders.
Who do you know always orders the identical drink after dinner? (Ans: Fodder)

8. A murder mystery - six ppl are victim, murderer, witness, policeman, judge and hangman. a few clues provided. Who's who?

9. four ppl A, B, C, D go shopping. There are four shops - Bank, Boutique, grocery & Shoe store. every thing is closed on Sunday. Shoe store is closed on Monday. Boutique on Tuesday, Grocery store on Thursday and Bank is open only on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. a few statements by these ppl. Who goes where?
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