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TechMahindra General Aptitude Placement Paper 7 May 2006 techno india, salt lake, kolkata.

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The test was aptitude: 55 min,, (68 quest)  (6 section,) 

1    10    15       small logical/mathematical quiz (most of from old paper

2    10    10    numerical series completion and visual series completion[3 quest repeated from 
                    old papers]

3    10    16   [mix kind quest,, such as reasoning (e.g. all A r B, all B r C so all A r C ,,some 
                     C r A etc..,, 1 quiz followed by four quest]    

4    10    9   [2 flow chart: means,, 1 puzzle was defined as steps of flow chart, and condition 
                 was also given,, in flow chartsome fields were having ? ,, u have to choose appropriate 
                 choice from the provided choice to place instead of ? ,so that logic is accurate...2nd flow chart
                 was very easy(4 quest),, while in first 1st three were easy rest two were not hard, but very 
                 time consuming,, 

5    10    8   [RC, really tough,, five minute to learn long (with lot of data of course) the rc and remember
                  whatever u can,, followed by 9/8 quest in five minutes,

6    5    10   [data sufficiency,, very easy and scoring section, but only five minutes to ans 10 

                   no part cut off

                   only overall cut off

                      strictly 1:1 -ve marking...

shortlisted candidates will be informed by email within 10 days for HR & tech. Int...

test was only for BE (CSE,IT ,IS) and BSc(maths, chemi, physics,,, and 1 other discipline) ,No EC,ECT, or MCA,,,, 2002 and 2003 passouts, 60% or more aggregate at ssc,hsc and BE, should be cleared on first attempt.. 

a few of quest I remember:    

1.     if M person r buying a thing costing  D$ each,, if three person get away,, how much every person has
         to spend so that total expenditure is identical ???

 2. which is smalest?

        a.    1/7
        b    1/8
        c    2/9
        d    3/13 ...or something similar having denom. as 11 and 13 in choice "d" and "e"

 3.    if Rix can collect 45 pieces in one min.. and Rax take one and half minute for same,, what is time 
       require d to collect 300 pieces when both working together??

4.    1 long quiz followed by five quest... three cages having three tags on them, sum of digit of cage num not
       to exceed 10,    and other cond...

5.     1 quest of grandfather-father-son kind quest..                                                             

6.     A is shortr than B but taller than E, D is tallest, C is just shorter than A, who is shorttest or similar 

7.    rectangualr box,, 25*20*2 converted in to cylinder of dia 10... what is height in terms of "pai"

                part 2: series...

1.    obtain the numer for ?   

2.    obtain the numer for ?

3    1,3,4,8,15,27,?

4.    2,5,9,19,37,?

5.    these were reapeat from old quest...                                                                

           section 3.   

        simple reasoning,4-5 quest.

        one quest followed by three quest.

        one quest followed by 3/4 quest.other quiz...

        part 4.  
   2flowchart .. second was, A & B drawing ball. two ball Red & yellow,, if red is the drawen ball 100 points r awaredrd,otherwise 200 points awareded... if A or B score 500,, their points r forfieted,,

if A or B score 1000 or more, he is winner...

 four quest based on this puzzle, provided as missing ? in flowchart

 section 5.    RC related to turnover of companies etc...(8 quest)

part 6    data sufficiency  

1.    whether n is odd?

    a.    m+5n is odd

    b.    2m+9n is odd

these quest were easy, but u needed speed to attend all


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