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TechMahindra Other Placement Paper 7 May 2006 techno india, salt lake, kolkata.

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 MBT - ques. paper - 02       Conducted On -- 2003   



Section-1. Passage (10 min studying ,5 questions)


Section-2. English (error finding,15 questions)


Section-3. Number series (Letter series also)


Section-4. Analytical ability (5 questions)


Section-5 Numerical ability (additions,multiplications etc)


note: -marking 1:1


Intergraph:paper trend only




Analytical. 1.seating arrangement




(Ref. GRE book)


C-language. 48 ques. - 45 min.



1. Diff.between inlinefunction((++)-macns(c)


2. three to four ques. on conditional operator :?:


3. Write a macro for sqaring no.


4. Trees -3 noded tree ( four to five ques. fundamentals)


Maximum possible no.of arrnging these nodes


5. organize the nodes in depth 1st order


breadth 1st order


6. Linked lists Q) provided 2 statments


1. Allocating memory dynamiccaly


2. Arrays


Tree the above both and obtain the mistake


7. Pointers (7 to eight questions) Schaum series


Pointer to functions, to arrays


4 statements ->meaning,syntax for a different four statements


8. Booting-def(When you on the system the process that takes place is ------


9. -----Type of global variable can be accessible from any where in the


working environment ( external global variable)


10. Which of the subsequent can be accessed randomly


Ans. a. 1 way linked list


b. 2 way "


c. Arrays


d. Trees


11. Write a class for a cycle purchase(data items req.)




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