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TechMahindra General Aptitude Placement Paper 7 May 2006 techno india, salt lake, kolkata.

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MBT Paper

one to 1 negative marking is is tough to qualify unless u
know the paper.totally there are 105 ques.. 70 min.
three flow sheets------ 10 min.
parts are quantitative(23),analytical(about 20) ,series&venn
diagrams,logical(20) ques. from a passage (about 10). time span for
every part is various.sit at the back so that u can turn pages if u
want.different colored papers
are used.
for flow sheets
first 1 is relatively easy
1.u will be provided conditions like
if a wins he gets 100 pts,if b wins he gets 50 pts etc
2.there is flow sheet& there are empty cells(4) at "yes' or 'no"
decision points.
3.for every cell four options will be provided which should be chosen by
subsequent through initial conditions &flow sheet logic.
4.rem. -ve marking is there.
no verbal ques..

rs aggarwals verbal& nonverbal book
pg. 254 pr. 53 to56(almost same)
246 eg.2
pg 104 exer.3a about 5to six series qu.are do well
pg.354-355 8,13,
6th doubt
4 conclusions r there in all ques.
241 is doubtful
ans. to 1 quant. is 200/3 %

1.six persons will be there.
a,b, c,d,e,f
u have to match
conditions like,a is the last person to the victim alive,will be provided
as we can conclude that a is the killer.
this is an easy 1 .paragraph will be very big .don' worry
5 to six ques.
5 persons will be there.
cashier, clerk,buyer,manager,floorwalker(check in info. paper for exact
a,b,c,d,e will be their names.
conditions will be given&we have to match who is who
3 r women&2 r men in this
sample condition,
cashier&clerk if get married, b will be wise man
mrs.c husband has a few business prob with manager
manager&cashier(or clerk) r classmates
etc. will be provided

do quantitative qu. from back.

data graphs on turnover,gross profit &net profit will be given&
u have to extract data from that &find out few ratios.(easy one)

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