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TechMahindra Interview Placement Paper 7 May 2006 techno india, salt lake, kolkata.

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Hello friends!!!!!!!

This is Pawan Agarwal. I was opted in MBT (TechMahindra) on 07/05/2006 through campus interview. I am a learner of third year in the department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in Siliguri Institute of Technology.

I am going to tell you about the ques. asked in the interview round (technical and personal). Before that let me tell u about the aptitude test.

There were five sections- three on English and one every on verbal and non-verbal ability. In total there were 70 ques. to be answered in 60 mins. There were no negative marking & still u have to be very fast. The test was online.

For the English parts there were ques. mainly related to tenses, voices and general English usage. It was very easy but tricky.

Then were at lowest 6-7 puzzles from Shakuntala Devi together with series completion (tough 1 & time consuming) and quantitative aptitude.

So go through Shakuntala Devi, R.S. Agarwal, Arun Sharma and Muhammad Muneer at lowest 9-10 times.


For me and a few of my friends HR round was held before the tech. round.



It was a long session of about 30 minutes duration.


  1. Tell us something about yourself or your family? Better tell about yourself. Emphasize on your software knowledge.
  2. Being a core electronics learner why have you come to software sector? Because software industry is on the boom and it is 1 of the largest employer. To get a chance in core sector I have to wait till the end of fourth year and also there are hardly 3-4 vacancies per company.
  3. Can you prove yourself if u get a chance in core sector?
  4. How did you prove yourself in the aptitude test?
  5. How did you like the MBT aptitude test? Say something positive.
  6. elaborate ur college hours and no. of periods /day?
  7. You have come for a software industry. What extra have u done for this? I stated I have done a course in visual basic and diploma in computer application.
  8. What extra r u planning to do and why? I stated I will doing a course in JAVA after the sixth sem examinations.
  9. There is a gap of 1 year ranging from twelfth and B.Tech. Why? Be prepared with a few solid reasons if u have any gap.
  10. What r ur strengths & weaknesses?
  11. How do u pursue ur strength? I stated I provide tuitions after my college hours.
  12. How many students do u teach and of which classes?
  13. How many students do u teach?
  14. What do u charge from them?
  15. How did u establish ur market in this field?
  16. How many of ur students continue on till class 10?
  17. How do u go to your college? I stated I have a bike.
  18. When did u buy it and did u buy it of ur own money?
  19. What measures have u taken to overcome ur weakness?
  20. Tell us something about ur family background? Be proud enough to introduce ur family.

At last he asked me for my CV. After seeing my CV he questioned me about GATE as I have qualified GATE 2006.

  1. U have qualified GATE. Then why do u want to join us?
  2. After u complete ur M.Tech. u will better opportunities in life?
  3. What is ur percentile score?




It was also a long session of about 35 minutes duration. Try to divert the interviewer to a few other subject if don’t know the 1 asked by him. There is no such ques. of favorite subject as it used to be a few years back. So now u have to be Jack of all trades,  master of none.


  1. Why don’t u tell something about ur self?
  2. Tell something about ur family?
  3. Do you know control system?
  4. What is PLL? discuss its working?
  5. What r the subjects specific to ur department? I stated Transducer and sensors, microprocessor 8085, digital electronics, industrial instrumentation, control system, process control. Tell only those subjects on which u r confident bcoz u will be fired on those subjects especially. So be careful.
  6. Draw the pinout diagram of 8085.
  7. discuss the function of every pin?
  8. discuss the working of microprocessor?
  9. discuss the various kinds of interrupt?
  10. How a microprocessor does handle an interrupt?
  11. Why is Trap non-maskable?
  12. Distinguish ranging from parallel and serial transmission.
  13. Distinguish ranging from serial and parallel communication.
  14. Diff ranging from single bit fault & burst fault.
  15. Suppose u have 2 computers & u want to transfer data ranging from them but u don’t have LAN or any wired connection. Which port will u use?
  16. Which port will u use to perform serial data transfer?
  17. elaborate the storage classes in C?
  18. Difference ranging from auto and static storage class?
  19. 3-4 dry runs relating to storage class.
  20. Diff ranging from structure & union?
  21. How will u declare a structure & union?
  22. Diff ranging from array & pointer?
  23. char *p & int *p. what is the size of p? Be confident & thorough with C.
  24. 4-5 dry runs on pointers.
  25. How will u allocate memory dynamically?
  26. What is the size of char ant int?
  27. discuss the operation of a recursive function call. discuss with the help of a stack.
  28. How will you allocate memory for 50 characters using malloc( )?
  29. Which is better: dynamic memory allocation or static memory allocation & why?
  30. What is enumeration and typedef?
  31. Say about data kinds available in c?
  32. Where would u like to see urself after 1 year of joining TechMahindra?











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