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TechMahindra Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 24 Jun 2006 PUNE

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  MBT trend - 24 JUN 2006 - PUNE
Hi guys,

Myself, Chaukse Rahul Ravindra, Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College Of Engg. & Tech., 3rd Year, info Tecnology.

Today 24th June,2006. This was our fourth day of Joint Campus With other 2 Colleges like Cummins Women's College, & All the flavours of Sinhagad Institutes. All 3 colleges were from Pune Only. Today we had MBT i.e. Tech Mahindra. It was at Cummins College.

The Criteria was (Aggregate)
For Regular Students = 58% considering their marks upto fifth Semester
For Diploma Holders  = 58% considering their Diploma 3rd Year marks as 1st year marks of Engg. & the Semester no. 3, 4, 5.

The Offer was Rs. 2.6 Lakh p.a. Bond of Rs. 1,00,000/- after joining the company.

Selection trend
     - one Hour Test
     - Hr Interview

I have attended the MBT ( Tech Mahindra ) Written Test at Cummins College.
It was having three parts
     1) Verbal part 35 ques.
     2) Analytical Reasoning & Series issues 20 ques.
     3) Non Verbal i.e. General Apti.  20 ques.
The Paper was of 75 ques. & time limit was one hour, NO NEGATIVE
MARKING ( SPECIAL CASE generally it has 0.25 deduction )
I dont remember all ques. but, here are a few

part one : Verbal part
     i) Complete the sentence.      10 Ques
       - by using prepositions & tenses as well as similar words.
     ii) obtain similar & opposite words.  10 Ques
     iii) learn the passage & provide the answer  10 Ques
         - one page passage
     iv) Data Sufficiency problems  five Ques

part two : Analytical issues & Complete the series.
     i) Complete The Series          10 Ques
         - All the flavours of Numbers & Alphabets.
     ii) Analytical Reasoning      10 Ques
         - Like Car, Seat, & Seat cover
           Digrams of Circles are drawn.
         - Like Gold, Metal, Aurnaments.

part three : Non Verbal ie Genaral Apti & Data Sufficiency  20 Ques
     i) Time & Work issues
     ii) Time & Distance issues
     iii) Boat & Flow issues
     iv) Simple & Compound Intrests
     v) Data Sufficiency issues

I havent seen last 10 problems, because of time limit. But all General Apti issues were from R.S. Agarwal. We Were more than 200 Students & they have Short listed atleast 75 students from us. I dont know anything abt Interview which were taken after this.
Best Of Luck.
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