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Syntel Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 27 May 2007 RGM Engg College, Nandyala.

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hai,dis is lahari.i recently got placed in SYNTEL.the recruitment process was held for 2008 batch and it was for two days on 27 n 28 may at RGM college,nandyala.

on 27 may dey conducted written test n on d next day i.e., on 28 may d tech. n HR interviews were on.the .8 colleges were invited  n intell college was 1 among them.from our college(Intell engg. coll) around 190 students atteneded the written test,on the whole there were 780 students including all the nine colleges n only 70 were filtered at the written test n 27 were finally recruited.By god's grace n my hardwork I was 1 among those 27.


coming to the recruitment process there were three levels.

1.Written test

2.Technical interview

3.HR interview

Written test: (40 ques. in 75 min) consists of sectional cutoff  n will b mentioned in ur omr sheet so bware of it.n consists of 40 questions,of which

25- logical reasoning (cut-off for dis part is 15)

15-verbal reasoning (cut-off for dis part is 8)


Logical Reasoning:  

1-5 ques. are on blood relations.

6-10 ques. are on series of symbols.

11-13  ques. are on coding.

14-15 are on lik they giv a few info lik sachin is at the corner n sehwag is in right to sachin etc n ask ques. lik whoz in center bla bla...

16-20 ques. are on data interpretation.

21-25 ques. are on syllogism.


Verbal reasoning:

1-5 ques. were on correction of phrases.

6-10 ques. were on analogy.

11-15 ques. were on substitute the accurate words.


here ends d written test.

our examination started at 12.30p.m n ended at 1.45p.m.our outcomes were declared at around 4.45p.m.out of 780 students who appered for writtn test 70 were were screened.i was 1 among them.then the company potrayed their ppt for 90 min n we were relieved..

the next day on 28 may the tech. n HR intreviews were on.. shockningly i was the 1st person to go for the tech. interview...


tech. interview:

my panel consists of a i was the 1st person to go for tech. round i was bit nervous, i went in and 1st the panel member wished me n later i.then he asked abut my resume  n asked a few ques. lik tell me abut urself,wat abut ur family background bla i was a computer learner i had  my tech. ques. on concepts lik c, java, dbms,computer networks,operating systems.


wat is difference ranging from break n exit ?

can u tell me abut struct?wt does it mean?

wat is the difficult topic in c a/c to u?(pointers)

wat will u rank urself in c within 1-10?

wat is exception handling?

can u tell me the logic in linked lists?

wat do u mean by demand paging?

wat r the key functions of these osi layers?

wat is current version of oracle?

finally wat is the lenghtiest program which u have written in c n how many lines does it comprises of?


atlast he asked any ques. for me,i stated "no sir"then he said"  u r gud at ur communication skills.iam impressed."i stated "thank u sir,iam pretty gud at my communicaton skills."


HR interview:  

then after 15 min i had Hr interview.i was so cool for this round bcoz i was confident.

my hr interviewer was an lady.she asked  tell me something which is not mentioned in ur resume,tell m abut ur family background as my sis is working as a software professional she started asking ques. on which technology does she works,which place n how did she got placed.then she asked abut my strengths n asked me to discuss with a scenario,i did it pretty well.finally she asked "any ques. for me". i stated no mam n stated thank u n left the room..

after interview i was quite confident abut my interview n waiting for the last they announced the names of the opted students at around 4.30 p.m and guess wat i was one among those 27.. hope this piece of info abut interview will help u to get on in the syntel interview.all tat u hav to do to crack the job at syntel is b gud at ur verbal stuff,communication skills n last but not lowest b confident ...//

Hope two c u at syntel..

All d best

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