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TCS Other Placement Paper 23 May 2007 Not Specified

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Hi friends I am Mithra got placed in TCS on 23rd may 2007. The selection procedure consists of 3 rounds 
1. Online test 
2. tech. interview
3. HR interview

The online test basically focuses on our computational skills. The test is of 90min duration. I am not sure about the weightage of 
marks ques. on antonyms, synonyms and sentence completion account for 20 marks
a.Critical reasoning 12 Q's for 30marks(not sure) and 
b.Aptitude 38 Q's- 
The ques. are mainly asked from Time and Work, issues on no's, geometry (only basics), divisibility percentages, 
The best book I suggest to crack this round is R.S.Agarwal, but always keep it in mind to solve old TCS papers as they carry up to 80% of marks in your paper, just ans around 10-15 old papers and you will be sure of cracking the written test.

The next round is Technical, as I am from a control engineering dept the interviewer didn't exactly know what to ask so he wanted me to 
discuss about my branch which i did well. Basics on C, microprocessors, electronic devices and circuits were asked. Be sure of being good in 
the basics of your branch.

The last round was HR which will not bother you much once you clear written and tech. rounds, it will just be a casual talk but take 
it seriously as u may be eliminated in this round also.

My final suggestion to all my friends appearing for TCS is to be confident, believe in yourselves so that the interviewer believes u.
All the best friends

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