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Syntel Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 31 Mar 2007 N.I.E.T. GR. Noida

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hello everyone.
i am abhijeet verma. i got opted in syntel inc. through campus placement procedure conducted by company in N.I.E.T. total of eight college were invited and k.i.e.t. was 1 of our college current there.

eligibilty criteria:
55% till last sem.
55% in tenth and 12th.

Written Test:
two parts. (no mathematics)
1: logical part (25 question) cut off 13
2: English part (15 question) cut off 8

cut off was already written on the ans sheet.
logical parts had ques. like a series of symbols,alphabets and numbers where u have to ans in-accordance. then ques. on odd man out. other quetions were like in a place yes is stated no and no is stated may be,........ then few ques. where asked on it.
English part was quite easy. u just have to use us daily life vocab. and simple grammar. ques. where on simple comprehension passage and fill in the blanks.

from 1200(apprx) students 159 cleared the written test.
Then all the qualified people were asked to assemble in the hall. A form was distributed among us, and we need to fill it. the form needed our us to fill our info - personal and educational. the announcement was made that the interview will be conducted next day.

we were called at 9:30 sharp and there were 4 pannels a few had 2 people and a few had only one. students were alloted pannel rondomly. my turn for interview came at around 3:15 p.m. and lasted for 45 min.

i entered the room, only 1 lady was sitting there i wish her and stood next to the chair. she asked me to sit. then she asked me to tell about myself . then she asked bout my family background. the she asked bout my marks. then she asked me bout my strengths. she was quite impressed wid my answers.
then she asked me a ques. that tell the transmission of signal from 1 mobile to a different and also tell the various form of signal wave used in it. then she asked me to tell her my subject on wiz i had command. i told her data structure and microprocessor. she asked me output of few programs and many other ques. from c, c++ and data structure and in the last she wanted me to ask any ques. from her.
i asked her couple of sensible ques..

the only thing they were looking in a person was comm. skill. and how the person reacts on various ques. and atlast i got opted.
out of 159 - 55 students were opted.

!!!!Best of luck!!!!

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