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Making Money on HowToExam

How do I make money on HowToExam?

On HowToExam you earn money by submitting article, question paper and job listings. Once you submit content a moderator will review and will reward money based on type and quality of content.

How much money can I make on HowToExam?

There are revenue generating opportunities with HowToExam, but we are careful not to over-promise any results.

That said, those who approach HowToExam with diligence, patience, and attention to writing high-quality articles and question papers on what people are searching for can earn a steady side-income. Many members are earning thousands of rupee, if not more, every month.

How do I opt-in to the HowToExam Earnings Program?

To opt-in for the HowToExam Earnings Program, visit the sign-up page, Once after login go to Community>Profile>Edit Profile  and compleate your Payment Settings section, For more detail see this useful tutorial.

Where can I see how much money I've made from the HowToExam Earnings Program?

You can see estimated earnings on right top of your profile page, You can see earning of other users on there profile page too.

Why money in my account is not increasing after submitting content?

We usually approve your submitted content within 48 hours, but some time it can go till 4-5 days, Money will come to your account only after approval by a moderator, You should contact us If your account has not been approved in 7 days.

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 Getting Started

Where can I find help on HowToExam?

If your question isn't answered in this FAQ, You can post in the Need Help? Ask here. Forum to get support quickly. You can also Contact Usif you're experiencing technical problems. We'll respond as soon as we can.

How do I choose a title for my latest Article?

We recommend using the main phrase in the title for how a person would search for the information. Best is to keep the title short and simple—save any clever turn of phrase for the body of your Article. Short, simple, to-the-point titles can help you to have good points.

Who owns the content that I post on HowToExam?

The content is entirely yours. We simply provide the technology to support it. You may add a Creative Commons licenseto your work if you feel it’s necessary.

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Question Paper Submission Guidelines

Is it important to fill all the criteria before submitting question paper. What if the option I am looking for is not available in drop down?

  • While submitting question paper, we recommend filling all criteria like State, Branch, Session, Year other than compulsory (like University and Course), because all this information make your question paper more searchable that leads to more likes and more cash reward.
  • If you are not getting option in drop down, you can raise request in Forum for compulsory field like University Name, Course and Year. For other field like State, Branch and Session, you can fill that information in OTHER.

Why I get less reward when I submit question paper in PDF form?

Question Paper submitted using Attachment option such as PDF, PPF, DOC etc. will be less preferred in compare to paper submitted through Editor Box and therefore receive less reward

Does Question Paper with Answer have any benefit in terms of cash rewards?

Question Paper with Answer will score highest in rating system and thus lead to maximum earning. But it is compulsory to have at least 70% of answer to qualify for cash reward.
 Note:  While submitting question papers along with answers, we recommend to fill Other criteria and write Answer in it. It will be easy for moderator to identify question papers with answer and submitter will score maximum rewards.

What if question paper submitted by me is already available?

Any Question Paper found duplicate will not get any reward and repeated attempt will be punished by deduction of money.

Can i copy question papers from other websites?

Question Paper copied from, and similer websites are highly unexceptable such submissions will be penalized negatively.While question paper copied from university website is still acceptable.

Someone has submitted Question Paper few months back and now I want to submit them again with answers, so does it consider being duplicated and can I get more cash reward on it?

You may submit same question paper twice if you are providing your own answers to the questions, but you have to give at least 70% of answers to qualify for it.

I provided answer to question paper and received fair amount of cash reward. But now my cash was deducted, why?

Incorrect answer on user feedback will be removed and money provided on same will be deducted. So your answer should be correct to qualify for cash reward.

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