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Syntel Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 24 Mar 2007 Nagpur

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Hi friends. My name is vaibhav narkhede.. I m completing my engg from kdk college…in a faculty of comp tech. syntel company visited Nagpur for campus recruitment at 24th march 2007.

I will be explaining the paper details now.......first of all, the trend was like this

There r 2 section Reasoning & Verbal total 40 marks
Reasoning --25      verbal--- 15
CUTOFF --13               --- 8

Note: The paper was little bit tougher than the other comp….if the competition will more they’ll extend the cutoff in the last……BUT MOST IMP THING IS THAT IF U HAVE GOOD PERCENTAGE IN tenth ,12TH AND IN ENGG (CGPA) U WILL GET THE BETTER ADVANTAGE THAN OTHER. Because most of my friend also cleared the apti test but they were not short listed due to the less %age in tenth ,12th & in engg…But I was the university second topper and I have good %age in tenth and twelfth and in engg (80,79,70) I was being short listed for interview…

There are mainly 2 interviews 1st is TI and a different is HR.
The TI is little bit tougher than HR….if u have cleared Ur TI by full confidence….ur chances for selections will Inc...Friendssssss be cool & confident at the time of interview….and before going to the interview don’t forget to take Xerox of every and every mark sheet and 2 passport photo….otherwise they provide u tension at the main time of interview…

tech. interview:
Please may I get in sir….
sir: yes please……
sir: good afternoon vaibhav…
me : good afternoon sir
Sir: tell me about Ur self…..
me: I have told every and every thing about me .(when I told I m a university topper he impressed)
Sir: suppose u r on mars and u want to send Ur letter to Ur College…so what will be the postal add….
me: kdk college of engg….nandanwan…nagpur ….maharashtra….India….asia…
sir: impressed (hmm)
Sir: do u know any thing about data structure….
me : yes sir
tell the definition of data stu….
me: told(perfectly)
Sir: can u write a program for link list.
Me: ya why not…
me:wrriten the program for link list(creation)…
sir: wonderful……
Sir: why do we require the data struc…?
Me: told him (by giving the example of link list… (Extension of program can be possible at run time….)
Sir: good…..
Sir: can u write a program for Fibonacci series...
Me: why not sir…..
Me: written the program successfully ….
Sir: impressed... Do u know the perfect definition of OOP (object oriented programming)
Me: sorry sir ….I don’t know…
Sir: it’s ok….
Sir: can u tell me the feature….
Me: told every one….
Sir: why do we require the header file….
Me: coz…it contain the prototype of function whichever used in cout & cin...
Sir. Good…
Sir: can u create Ur own header file...
me: yes sir….(told him)
Sir: ok. ..Nice to meet u vaibhav (smile)…u can go now...
Thank u sir……

And finally he gave me the logical ques. I m unable to ans it. But sir is impressed with me...

a few of my friends ask ques. about normalization ,genralisation, function pointer, prime no program, factoral using recursion. big o nataion, complexity of prog , ……

1:tell me about Ur self
2.Why do u join syntel
3.Have u study the r.s aggrwal.
4what topics have u learn it
5.How do u cleared our apti test..
6.What kinds of que are there.
7.Do u know the name of person who has taken Ur Ti.
8.Are u fast learner.
9.How many interview u have faced..
10.Why they reject u…
11.Do u prepare for now..
12. What steps will u take for improving Ur comm.. Skill.
13.If I’ll provide u the two years bond will u sign it..

So in this way I have completed my interview…my final outcome is not declared…but I m confident I will be opted …..Don’t worry friends…’s
my twelfth company…..but still I’ve confidence for my selection…

try to face every and every company apti…"Bcoz practice makes man perfect… don’t upset … it is the biggest examination of patience in learner life…and the 1 who the pass this examination , is a perfect .don’t think about them who got placed in company in the 1st attempt…it was there luck…u will have to improve ur luck…. 

Wishing U all best of luck………. May all of us have  a great career ahead!

With Regards 
Vaibhav narkhede,

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