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Syntel Whole Testpaper Placement Paper 16 Mar 2007 Sethu Institute of Technology, Madurai

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Hi all,

I attended Syntel Off-Campus Recruitment at Madurai, Tamilnadu on Mar16th  & 17th, 2007 and got the outcomes on Mar21st evening.


The trend is as follows:

On Mar 16th, I attended first round. 1st they invite all of the people and showed presentation about SYNTEL. Next you will be taken to the respective examination halls.


Aptitude Round:

Logical Reasoning – 25 marks
Verbal Reasoning – 15 mark

The test will be conducted for 1 hour and 15 mins. We completed the test by 11.15am and the outcomes were announced by 2pm. I got opted. The opted people were provided a “Bio-Data” form to fill, it includes your name, %, institution, university, name and work of brothers and sisters, ur addr, phone no, ur training and project and finally ur s/w skills.


Be careful while filling this form because during HR only from that form ques will be put to u. They will ask not your resume or photo! Only this form is going to be your evidence.


I attended the HR+TECH interview on 17th by 9am.The interview was cool, HR 1st asked me to sit back and relaxed. The ques. are

  1. Tell me about yourself,
  2. What have you done in your training?
  3. Can you discuss me your project?
  4. Why you are interested in Networking?
  5. Have you learnt Java of your own interest or academically? (As I have mentioned Java in the s/w skills along with c and c++)
  6. The he asked two ques. from Java.
  7. How would you prove your leadership skill?
  8. Finally, any ques. for us

Be cool folks…they check your communication skills, ability, confidence level and your skills up to 65% at lowest. They try to make you ans.

For most of my friends, during HR only 2 ques. were asked. Tell me about yourself and discuss project.


They announced the outcomes only on the fourth day, Mar 21st evening by 5pm. Thank God, I got opted. They analyze our performance for two days and the outcomes are being announced only after two days… For us as Sunday and Monday were holidays, they announced it by Wednesday. I extend my thanks to those who posted their experience and ques. Be confident and +ve… ALL THE BEST!!!


With regards,


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