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Syntel Interview Placement Paper 23 Jun 2007 SRMCEM Lucknow

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My experience of 1st job

Hi thr am ragini gupta from U.IET kanpur.

There were around 700-800 students from various colleges which they had invited for opencampus in SRMCEM lucknow . We had to report at 8.30 am but the written startred at 12.30 am .


first round of written consist of

1.  25 logical reasoning

2.  15 verbal reasoning

and the duration was 60 minutes .


Logical reasoning contains

1-5  on blood realtion

6-10 analytical reasoning

11-13 on coding(quite tough)

20-25 on which kind of statement (assertive,supportive, counter part, etc)


Verbal contained

1-5 obtain inferences

6-10   synonym ,antonym (just based on some  relation)

11-15 correction of phrases


As they din’t mentioned cutoff, so try to attempt a solid attempt of 15 in logical and seven in verbal . I think in my case the cutoff was 13 and 6.

After tht outcome was declared after four hour at 5.15 pm  .my name was there , then they told me for interview just after 5-10 minutes .i was the 1st candidate .interview was fully tech. and took 20 minutes .


Then interview goes like this…

Q1.., what do u know about syntel?

A1..   (as I really din’t knew) I stated confidently and in a straight way tht “I really don’t know about syntel”

He was amazed and stated tht “ you are appearing for interview and u don’t know abt company “. And then I told him about my busy schedule(as I was doing summer training in iit kanpur )  .

then he moved through my form(which they gave us after declaration of result)  and cv and as I mentioned c, paper presentation, summertraining project etc


Q2… tell me abt ur self.

A2 …blab la ( explore ur self and tell them about ur positive points and achievement) 

Q3… he stated me to write a simple c program of “swap 2 number without using 3rd variable”

A3 … this was an easy one

Q4…   then ques. on c .he asked me datatypes , libraries, uses of libraries  etc..

Q5 (as I mentioned paper presentation in my form and cv) he asked me to discuss my paper .( be sure for whtever u write in ur resume)

Q6… then he moved to my summertraining project and stated me to tell him abt project and wht technologies I have used.

Q7… as I was working on shell programming by listening this (he was impressed)

And thrown a few ques. on shell programming

Like , how many kinds of shell are thr, And command in shell programming ?

Q8….now he moved to datastructure

And asked about linked list

And bubble sort…

Q9…. Then he asked me to discuss software life cycle…

Q10… finally he stated me to ask any ques. to him( at last I got chance to ask a ques. to him )

In this ques. I asked hoe to inhace my expressing power( as I was quite confident but was lacking while explaining in a proper way)


So afterall I will say tht work on ur communication skill( he stated me directly tht they are looking for gudcommunication skill) but donn impose this weakness on ur self if u r confident for whtever u learned in ur btech courses no 1 can ignore u .and yes keep smiling  and  work on whtever u mention in ur cv ( write only wht u have really did and in which u r confident) afterall be truthfull and confident .

All the best

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