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Syntel Other Placement Paper 23 Jun 2007 SRMCEM, Lucknow

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hello frendz,am GAURAV NANDA  from UIET,kanpur and got placed in SYNTEL on sunday 24/06. There were around 1200-1500 students of which around 60 were chosen for next phase n a few 30 finally made their way to syntel.

venue: SRMCEM,lucknow
date:23/06 sat

we were supposed to report at 8:30 n were expecting the written to commence from 10 or so. No hall-tickets were isuued so we had to collect the reference no. There was a total chaos  n the arrangement made by college was not upto the mark.The refernce allotment got over by 10:30 n we were told to evacuate the building(mismanagement again).We finally entered our respective classes around 11:30 n the writen examination finally began at 1pm.

The paper had two sections,one after the other

there were five ques with five subparts every

1) a very simple ques on BLOOD RELATIONS
2)some conditions like experience,qualifications,domicile) for different posts(director,manager etc) followed by five persons with diff. satisfying criteria,we simply had to
ans their deserving posts (the ques had complex looks bt was pretty simple)
3)a quest on CODING DECODING
3 words along with a few coding were provided we had to identify the corresponding coded alphabet for a few characters (was easy but i got stuck in 1 of the subparts,ws ambigous)
4) five quest with four english statements each  were provided n we had to classify every as
  a) assertion
  b) supporting cause
  c) counter logic
  d) irrelavant
 it was for the 1st time i encountered such quest so took me time to tackle it

part 2: ENGLISH
The paper was really well designed and must had proved desicive for the next phase,in short this part was REALLY TYPICAL
The paper comprised sentence correction,analogies(very hard vocab) etc.
The paper got over at two pm and the outcomes were supposed to be declared around 4(after the presentation)
The presentation began at 3:15 n continued till four pm
we all were exhausted and the outcomes were announced at 5:45pm with severe mic issues n total chaos all around,i was able to confirm my selection at 6:15 (the mic was figured,i presume)
The tech-hr ws to started after 15min,we were provided a single paged form with a few details as hobbies,project if any etc.

my turn came around eight pm n was about 20-30 min long
1) diff b/w return by value n reference
2) baud rate,osi levels
3) since my interest was in net i was shooted ques on proxy,links,blog etc etc
4) i was offered a very simple puzzle but was unable to solve it
5) how many placements have you appered into?
6)what can syntel expect from you ?

To wind up,this round was all about good communication skills n a few programming requisites
Half of the opted candidates were interviewed next day n the final outcome was announced at two pm (24/06/07),and by the grace of god n blessings of my well wishers i made through it...............CONFIDENCE WAS THE KEY !!

hope my experience helps you out
Gaurav nanda

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