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Syntel Interview Placement Paper 21 Jun 2007 Gudlavalleru College of Engg.

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hi frns i am satya.a learner of GEC. syntel conducted it's recruitment process in our college on 21st&24th of june.

the process consists of three rns.
1.Written test
2.Technical interview&

for us d written test was on 21st& both d interus were on 24th june. on 21st d written test started at 11 AM & d outcomes were anounced at 2:30 in the afternoon.

d written test consisted of two parts.
a. Reasoning
b. Verbal

d total test was for 40M.reasoning was four 25M & verbal was four 15M.d reasoning part consisted issues on blood relations (5M), syllogism (5M), puzzles(3M), figures(5M).........d blood relation issue is like there r five members in d family A,B,C,D,E &1 couple is there........d verbal part consists of correction of sentences(depends on basic grammer),analogy(u need two prepare frm GRE BARRONS)&d third 1 i didn't remember this two parts verbal is somewhat difficult but not that much difficult.we need attempt d paper confidently.

for me d second rnd was HR interview panel consisted mam & sir. when ientered d room mam wit a smiling face asked me two take my seat.she looked so i didn't feel any tension.&answered confidently.

I:gud moning mam.
mam:gud moning latha(as my name is satya latha)
mam:ok latha tell me something abt u'r self
I:bla bla........
mam:wat r u'r strengths.
mean while sir came & he asked  me a few tech. Qs(from C).i.e my HR interview was also on tech only.
mam:ok latha wait four d tech discussion

then i waited four tech interu four sometime..   when i entered d room my interuer was ready to pose Qs on me.
I:gud A.N sir
sir:gud A.N satya.
sir:satya talk for two minutes on any topic.
I:any topic sir?
sir:any topi.
I:started explaining abt power electronics(as i am an electrical learner &P.E is my favourite subject) then sir asked me a few Qs on P.E like draw the ckt dia of 3-phase converter,where d neutral points lies four it.........
sir:which kind of motor is used in traction.
sir:asked a few Qs on induction motors(like speed controlling methods)
sir:tell me a few kinds of filters.
sir:what is u'r favourite sub.
I: P.E
sir:asked a few Qs on HVDC as i prsented a paper on it.
and my tech rnd was abt 15 minutes.
sir:satya can u relocate u'r self. then i came two know that i am going to b placed in syntel so stated confidently  S sir.
then he asked a few HR Qs.
sir:thanq satya nice interuing u.
I:thanq sir.

i am unable two know which stream my tech interuer belongs to.becoz he posed Qs on every topic of EEE,ECE,CSE(not me frm my frns experiances also).keep in mind that they check all d basis frm ur stream.they don't ask d tough Qs but d thingb is u need two ans confidently.hope my experiance will help u in facing d interu.lets meet in SYNTEL.

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