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Subex Azure Other Placement Paper 10 Jul 2007 KIIT College, Bhubaneswar

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                                  SUBEX AZURE PAPER ON eleventh JULY            

Hi frnds, This is Monalisa from Roland Institute of Technology, Berhampur.  I am going to share my latest experience with Subex Azure selection procedure. I hope it will help you in your preparation.


Whole procedure consisted of four rounds. Previously there were five rounds but they conducted four rounds here.  


1. Written test:
It consists of 2 parts. various sets of ques. are there. 
a. C programming test: - 20 questions, 30 min.
C objective questions, u need to obtain out the output. The ques. are easy but u should possess through knowledge about C programming. No negative marking. The ques. are covering all portions like pointer, macros, files, loop, operators, array, function etc.

b. Programming code skill: - one question, 30 min.

2 ques. were given, u need write one.
è    Write a program to delete the nodes of a linked list having a specified data item.        
è    Write a program to obtain out the no of identical words in 2 files. The file name should be taken as command line argument

The written outcome published on 24th July and 111 were qualified. The interview was held on third August.

2. tech. Interview 1:-

For this round u need to possess very good knowledge in programming skill. Mainly they are giving programs on file to write like write a program to count the no of palindrome words in a file and write it in to a different file and asking fundamental C and C++ ques. like call by ref., call by value, pointers, wrapper class etc. Covering all portions.

3. tech. Interview 2:-  

Questions from C, DS, C++, DBMS, OS, Networking, DSP and branch subjects as my branch is ECE they asked me quest. from DEC, ACT, DCT, Microprocessor etc. They just asked me to tell all subject names what ever I learn from first SEM till now. the sub. names what ever I told they asked me ques. on that sub even a few ques. on Basic electrical paper. He also gave me a program of inverted pyramid to write and asked ques. from my project and about the latest project of seventh SEM. So prepare thoroughly on ur project.

4. HR round:-

They asked me quests from my CV and other HR ques.. what I remembered…

è     Introduction.

è    Hobby.

è    Why u have chosen ECE branch.

è    Why Software.

è    Why Subex.

è    Tell 3 points from ppt of Subex.

è    ques. on proj. like why this project, from where u have collected the information, ,What kind of issues u have faced while doing the project, From Whom u have taken help, in future what u want to do with ur project etc etc.

è    Have u faced any situation where u obtained urself to be dead.

è    3 areas where u wants two improve.

è    Family background etc.

è    Finally, do u want two ask any thing?


Approach is most important. Speak confidently with a smiling face no need to feel or get tense because they are very cool.  

41 students were appeared HR and finally out of this only four were opted. Thanks to God, in the list of four I was also there.


So friends!! if the day is yours nobody will stop u until you succeed. I got lot of support from my parents and friends to get the success! so this is time to tell them thanks !! 


I am very much thankful to all of my friends who have provided me lot of support even I was in tough times and two those who have contributed their papers on this site which helped me a lot . Also I would like say thanks to god and my family members for their blessings.

Ok friends this all abt my placement story, so hope for the best & be positive, definitely 1 day u will get success!!



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