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US Technology Other Placement Paper 19 Feb 2007 SCMS School of Engg & Tech.,Kerala

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I am in my 6th semester doing comp. science and engg. I attended the campus interview conducted in my coll. for US Tech. In the morining they came by about nine 45. One HR gave the ppt and our test began by 11 00. This time they had changed the trend of questioning. Usually there are 32 ques in the 1st part but this time there were only 18......

An overall view is that the 1st part conatined 18 ques based on u r analytical reasoning. Then the next part 19-57 was the  comprehension passage and a few verbal reasoning. There were five passages ..big ones too...time comsuming...

The last part consisted of logical reasoing(58-90).   the tst was for 90 min.

The outcomes for aptitude were provided by one 30. there were 17 groups opted for gd. .....the gd was ok....they looked if u wre confident in the points u were bringing in...,make sure an argument does not break...cuz those people r not opted......then they provide time for a few people to will be good if u an active meber in the gd.....don't just  start it and sit quiet.....if people r not givin u a chance then make a chance....don't be agressive........

a few of the gd topics

1.balck or white
2.bollywood or mollywood
3.should Abdul Kalam continue on as president
4.should the captial be shifted from tvm to cochin
5.dress code
7.should trade unions b there in it copmanies
8.use of mobile phones

form a group of eight they opted min of four and a max of 6. gd was over by four 30pm.  then i had to wait a long time for my interview.....cuz they had shortlisted 78 from interview was around eight 00pm.  there r various kinds of interviews...i mean three were taken in simultaneoulsy and 3 diff people interviewed. Some had just  HR...and a few had deep tech ques. i had tech ques and HR....but the atmsphrer was cool....and tension free....technical wll be asked if u r comp scienc....then know u r c and c++ very wel.......also asked bout therads and all..........

the outcome was announced by 10 40 of us frm campus were opted.

All THE BEST!!!!!!
Shalin Geroge

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