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Subex Azure Other Placement Paper 11 Mar 2008 Berhampur

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Hi, Its Tapash Kumar Sahu.Roland Institute of Technology. Berhampur,Electronics and Tele Communication Engg.
2005-2009 batch.Now I am sharing my experience with subex.

Subex consists of five round.
1.Written: (1 hour)
* 20 objective ques. on c, c++.
* two programs out which only one has to written.

-Objective ques. is quite difficult it requires deep knowledge of C.
-mainly pointer.
-Most probably they provide String ,File Handling & Linklist programs. 

2.Technical Interview:(1h 30 min)
* ques. based on C. (pointer, Memory Allocation, String, RAM, Struture, file etc)
* They gave me program to write ie Double link list program using C. All inserting a node ,deleting a node, traversing of list.

3.Tchnical Interview:(1hour)
* ques. on C, C++ and different concepts of C++, electronics and different branch subjects.
* Here also they gave me to write a single program which include all the concepts of OOPs (like polymorphyism, overloading, abstraction, encapsulation, dynamic binding etc)

4.HR Interview:(30 min)
* They asked general HR ques..for this be confident, gentle and effective.

5.Telephonic Interview:(10 min)
* For our batch we had a telephonic round for this they have informed me 1 day before, the time for the telephonic interview.
* They asked me ques. from fifth form Microprcessor, Advance Electronic Circuit etc
some ques. from flip flops and digital circuits.

it was product based company.4.5 package.3000 stipend for six months.I realy feel glade that i was opted for subex World.
I am really thankful to my parents, friends ,teachers, Collage for their great support.

All the best for your campus.Thank u

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