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Jindal Other Placement Paper 4 Oct 2009 MUMBAI

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Hi, This is a memory based paper of the GET 2010 examination of jindal steels for Instrumentation branch(though it may seem an electronics paper).It had 115 ques..
Q. What is the no. of pins on 8051
Q.  How many I/O pins are there on 8051
Q.  Which registers in 8051 are used for indirect addressing
Q. Which interrupt has highest priority in 8085(Ans. TRAP)
Q. What is function of cycloconverter
Q. IGBT consists of which terminals(options:gate,base,emitter,drain,collector)
Q. Where is Einthoven triangle used(Ans.ECG)
Q. Which graph is used for recording movement of ear(options:ECG,EMG,ERG,EOG)
Q. On which phenomenon is scattering of troposphere in atmosphere based(options:fading,multiple refraction,saturation)
Q. What is use of Snubber ckt.(Ans. for balancing the transients in voltage)
Q. What is the relation ranging from turn-on and turn-off voltage of SCR
Q. What does negative coefficeint of temperature for a resistance suggest
Q. In which domain is TF described as ratio of output to input()
Q. What is the formula of PD controller
Q. What is the shape of impulse response of  ZOH(options:rectangle,square,circle,point)
There were also ques. on subsequent topics:
-full wave rectifier
-Nyquist plot
-Bilinear transformation
-HOLD pin in 8085
-a few numericals based on ACS and SS
-20 Verbal(10 vocab-medium,10 RC-tough)
-25 maths(easy)
-10 logic(easy)

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