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End of an Era: Final Maruti Suzuki 800 rolls out; spare parts available for 8-10 yrs.

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The car that made hatchbacks endearing to Indians has rolled out of the assembly line for the very last time. A ‘Firebrick Red’ Maruti 800 rolled out after final checks on January 18th, 2014. Over 2.5 million units of the icon were sold in its lifetime.

Final Maruti Suzuki 800

The first-ever Maruti 800 was delivered in 1983 to a couple in New Delhi and a full 31 years later, the final Maruti 800 was sent from its manufacturing site inGurgaon to a dealership in Shillong.

The Maruti 800 has been a car that many people have been emotionally attached to. From a middle-aged man buying this car for his dad or his wife, to ferrying the family in and around the city, to going shopping and buying household items, to a teenager taking out his crush for a small drive, all of these memories will be etched in everyone’s mind forever. After all, it was the first ever iconic hatchback in our country that has been available to the masses at an affordable price.

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