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Quotations about Confidence

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Am I a good Decision Maker?

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Night before examination – Revealing some secrets of brain

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Ever surprised on the way brain works when exams are near!!
Memory becomes as sharp as a sword, problems appearing impossible to solve just two weeks ago are now peace of cake.

I am sure that you have asked your self, why this superman performance just before examination?
Now science is revealing secrets behind the night before examinations.

Our brain deals differently with different type of emotions. Brain gives very special attention to fear, Why?
Well in most of cases fear is closely related to survival.

Fear is most dominant emotion associated with exam (More, when you are not ready for it).

When ever you are scared brain releases some chemicals in body (I am sure you are not interested in complicated biological names), In effect heart rate and breathing increases (remember that dhak-dhak), body releases a high amount of glucose and adrenalin (what is this??)

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