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Tamil Nadu State Board Higher Secondary Exam Results (HSC/+2) Secondary School Leaving Certificate Exam Results (SSLC/10

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Results  and Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC/10th)Examination Results 

Government of Tamil Nadu
Directorate of Government Examinations

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The Art of Knowledge Sharing

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‘Teaching’, or for that matter, knowledge sharing is the most esteemed job one can indulge in. Education is the prime necessity to strengthen the roots, boost social & mental health and carve one’s niche in this viciously unknown world. Education, with its multi-faced potential, ensures healthy mental growth, correct perceptive on the varied scheme of things and a strong understanding on one’s own being in the broader arena. It is certainly a God gifted opportunity to educate people and enlighten them with the precious souvenir of knowledge. The social connect, which is built through the bliss of knowledge sharing, paves the way to a brighter world, where imagination blends with perception to create magic.

It is a unanimous belief that the initial years of human life, when one is primarily engrossed in his sundry learning chores, are the matchless ones. The innocence of an adolescent soul is slowly & steadily turned to be a complete being, where the fruits of ceaseless learning reach fruition. The notion of a ‘complete being’ is nevertheless, attained through an unshakable sense of self-belief. Given a noble opportunity to further learn and educate others, I would like to accentuate the vigor of one’s inner self, which is moistened through profound mental strength, self-respect and humanity.

As put forth earlier, education has its multi-faced potential. As a child is born, he starts his journey with a ‘Hello World!’ – A beginning, where every associated object seems alien. With the onward march of time, he comes in terms with the outer world, with its myriad shades and colors. It is at this phase of his life, when his growth necessitates structured education. Education at the primary stage and beyond is scientifically controlled, where the child finds himself to befit the sequentially designed classroom teaching format.

As an educator, my primary concentration would be on the ‘Art of Personality’. It would rather be an enriching ride to examine the influences, which shape human nature. Going by the valuable words of Sir W. R Goodman, attention to one’s intercourse with the society, the gradual development of his thoughts, his outlook upon the world & its problems and the principles which governed his skills in the successive stages of his career, would be crucial. As maturity in education begins to pour in, the act of learning seems natural. Learning now, is not limited only to self enhancement, but covers the priceless path to ‘erudition’. A concrete sense of self awareness, logical and intellectual growth would enable him to weather the storm of brutal character assassinations, which he might encounter. A rational and grounded personality is a friend to society, who can justifiably distinguish between the right & wrong. Life is thus, never complete without the insoluble sense of self-authenticity, love and respect -building the hard core of human life.

The art of knowledge sharing, educating others has its extensive rewards. The aura of cherished ‘sharing’ soothes the wounds, which are otherwise offered by the world around us. A teacher is always a source of inspiration, helping promising hearts to penetrate their shine through others. The mantra of encompassing respect can thus be a reason for everlasting joy.
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